Alex Friedberg

Co-founder & COO
Block by Block Capital

With an educational background in Business and IT Management, Alex spent 6 years deep in the global tech sector working with Amazon US; Coupang, a now $5Bn+ Korean unicorn; and Grab in Southeast Asia, pre-Uber merger. Before that, he co-founded two web-based start-ups and have always enjoyed emerging tech. Over the years, He’ve focused on building, launching and iterating mobile-first consumer products and B2B platforms, with a data-backed track record of success.

The explosion of blockchain technology, and the paradigm shift in product development that comes with it, drew him into the space in early 2017. Since co-founding Block by Block Capital, they’ve built out a global company footprint across Singapore, Korea, US and Europe. His ultimate goal is to help the companies in this space build amazing products that are consumer friendly, widely adopted and truly decentralized.