Dr Jose Domingos

Senior Research Fellow
James Cook University

Dr Jose Domingos’ research focuses on applied breeding and genetics for the development of fast-growing and disease resistant strains of tropical aquaculture species. Dr Domingos has a long involvement with commercial shrimp and marine finfish operations. Prior to joining the James Cook University (Australia) Aquaculture Genetics research team in 2008, Jose worked as production manager of 700+ hectares of shrimp farming in Brazil. Trained in Brazil (Oceanography, FURG; MSc. Aquaculture, UFSC) and Australia (PhD Aquaculture Genetics, JCU), he has 20 years of combined industry, government and academic background. Now based in JCU Singapore, Dr Domingos is excited about collaborating with industry partners in the development of reliable breeding and hatchery facilities where genetically superior broodstock will boost fish production in the region.