Jonathan Hung

Singapore Space and Technology Association

Mr. Hung is President of the Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA),
Singapore’s lead, industry association focused on developing the space technology
industry. The SSTA coordinates all elements of space activity in Singapore, ranging
from government engagements with foreign space agencies, working with space
industry chiefs and top research organisations spanning the globe. It also supports a
range of start-ups, innovators and their venture capitalists
His international work experience includes senior management roles with the
Contraves Group, CAE Inc and Flex, where he’s credited for establishing and leading
their successful Advanced Incubation Centre. Prior to CAE, he managed Business
Development and Strategic Partnerships at Singapore Technologies Electronics
(Satcom & Sensor Systems) and ST (Satellite Systems).
Earlier in his career, Mr. Hung was Centre Director for Middle East & North Africa
Operations at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). There, he handled
portfolios in aerospace, marine/offshore and super yacht sectors. In particular, he led
the development of the space incubator unit that is presently EDB’s space office.
Mr. Hung currently serves on the Board of the Air Transport Training College,
Synspective Pte. Ltd., Space Generation Advisory Council, International Lunar
Observatory Association, and is an ExCom Member of the Asia Pacific Regional Space
Agency Forum.