Automation Equipment Systems Robotics


Location: France


Location: Singapore

 Bambu is a leading global provider of digital wealth technology for businesses of every size and industry, from finance to commercial or even new disruptors, transforming the digital wealth market. We enable companies to make saving and investing simple and intelligent for their clients. The cloud-based platform is powered by our proprietary algorithms and machine learning tools.

Food Manufacturing


Location: Togo

Baobaby provides a business solution to fight malnutrition affecting more than 60 million African babies and their mothers. We use local drought-resistant vegetables to produce affordable formulas. Our model empowers rural female farmers from whom we buy organic crops through fair-trade. Our formulas are then distributed back in all communities including the rural ones where malnutrition is widespread. Currently in our early growth stage in Togo our model is financially and environmentally sustainable. We are using mobile and data technology to harness the potential of domestic resources and strengthen domestic economy. We envision to scale to West Africa in order to fight a hidden hunger that have been persisting for decades.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Barghest Building Performance ("BBP") provides energy savings solutions to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial and industrial buildings. BBP uses sensors, software algorithms, equipment controls, and customized engineering design to seek to reduce electricity consumption in chiller systems. BBP currently operates within Southeast Asia, India, China, and Taiwan. BBP is a KKR investee company. 

Baringa Partners

Location: Singapore

Baringa Partners is an independent business and technology consultancy. We help businesses run more effectively, navigate industry shifts and reach new markets. We use our industry insights, ideas and pragmatism to help each client improve their business. Collaboration is central to our strategy and culture ensuring we attract the brightest and the best.

In 2018 we opened our Singapore office to bring our services closer to regional markets and clients, specifically in the Commodities Trading sector. We help build and change successful trading businesses, run large scale business transformation programmes and select and implement trading technology. We are proud that our commitment has been recognised by the industry and clients alike, resulting in being awarded “Energy Risk Asia - Advisory Firm of the Year” in 2019.

Beep Technologies

Location: Singapore

The pandemic should have been a boon for unattended retail. Yet it only accounts for 0.5% of global retail spend, and in Japan, the land of Vending Machines, sales plummeted over 35% in 2020. The old model of impulse sales is failing; to thrive in the new normal, unattended needs to re-invent itself to serve a broader audience. 


To achieve this, we’re building a unified platform that makes connecting to any unattended touchpoint hassle-free, so business can build better integrated customer experiences. We partner with operators and manufacturers to upgrade both new and existing machines, building a network of expertly maintained touchpoints that retailers tap into through our suite of modern APIs, creating unique cross-platform user experiences for purchases or redemptions - with no sunk costs or hardware experience required.

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Location: France

BeFC make electricity from papers and enzymes. We have developed a
breakthrough innovation that allows the use of enzymes and carbon paper to
generate energy from sugars and oxygen. Our paper-based biofuel cells offer an
eco-friendly and sustainable energy solution for low-power electronics. BeFC also
develop a flexible, low-power digital platform ideal for IoT and connected
A result of decades of pioneering research into biomolecular interactions and
properties of paper materials, the intellectual property is protected by a 6 patent
portfolio. The company is a CNRS spinoff located in Grenoble, the heart of the

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Consumer Products & Services Health Technology


Location: United States

Behavidence is an app that uses digital behavior patterns to create digital phenotypes for mental health, making diagnosis and management accessible, accurate and always-on.

The app is completely passive and requires minimum interactions from the user, enabling a non-biased  and fully secured collection of behvaioral data.

Initial findings show promising features for ADHD, Depression and Anxiety.

Beyondsoft International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Beyondsoft International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was set up in 2007 and established as the regional headquarters for the Southeast Asia (SEA) and European markets in September 2015. Based on our vision of "Using technology to promote social progress, economic development and become a global customer-preferred partner" and our concept of "Beyond your expectations", Beyondsoft is committed to providing our customers in countries along the "Belt and Road" with comprehensive solutions and products and creating commercial value for customers to realizing continuous businesses development.

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Bio-Circular Ltd

Location: Israel

As a commodity manufacturer we will develop a complete supply-chain to produce various polymers to satisfy global plastic demand.

We envision a world where plastic pollution is not a concern and in which the consumer purchases and uses the product in the exact same manner, and after use, tosses it to any trash and the product fully biodegrades no matter to the environment.

Costs stay the same, corporations can seamlessly fulfill consumer demands, improve public image, align with current consumer habits, all while restoring the planet.


Biotic provides an end to end, fully bio-based, fully biodegradable polymers manufacturing process. Enabling optimal transition from fossil-fuel-plastics, with a scalable, fully biological, environmentally friendly process, eliminating recycling needs, contributing towards reducing greenhouse gases emission, with a zero waste and circular economy approach.

Medical Devices Technology


Location: Singapore

Biorithm provides innovative maternal-fetal connected care solution to improve pregnancy outcomes for patients and healthcare providers.


Forging new frontiers in pregnancy care, Biorithm has developed cutting edge analytic software together with medical-grade abdominal ECG wearable designed for remote monitoring of maternal & fetal physiological parameters.


Our unique solution allows accurate monitoring of a wide range of vital pregnancy data, empowering patient and clinicians to identify early signs of maternal-fetal complication for timely intervention while reducing the cost of care.


Founded by doctors and engineers, Biorithm is a medical technology start-up spun-off from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. We believe that comprehensive maternal healthcare should leverage the power of digital health and advanced sensors to address individual patient and clinicians needs, enhance data-driven decisions, complication prevention, and provide access to affordable and preventive care.

Agriculture Technology Biotechnology Food Services Food Technology


Location: Ukraine

BIOsens LLC is an innovative biotechnology startup that focuses on development of rapid diagnostic solutions to facilitate food safety. BIOsens mission is rooted in the fundamental human need for safe, healthy food. By this time, BIOsens created its flagship testing device for the rapid detection of mycotoxins to resolve the problem of mycotoxins contamination. To bring its solution to the market, BIOsens brought together an experienced award-winning team.
The team comprises both strong experts-scientists with PhD degrees in biochemistry and IT, and business and finance experts with successful experience in startup development and successful ventures. BIOsens has
participated in several incubators, competitions and tradeshows worldwide introducing its idea to potential customers. BIOsens team won numerous competitions, including Intercontinental Startup Battle in San-Francisco and was one of 30 teams selected to participate in Kickstart Accelerator in Switzerland.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Biotechnology Health Technology Medical Devices Technology


Location: Spain

Bitbrain is a neurotechnology company that combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence and hardware to develop high-tech EEG brain sensing devices and other human monitoring technologies, together with software solutions for real-world applications in human behavior research, cognitive enhancement or brain-computer interfacing. Our objective is to help research, tech and health professionals to leverage neuroscience in a practical and reliable way.

BLOCK71 Singapore

Location: Singapore

BLOCK71Singapore is an initiative by NUS Enterprise in partnership with Singtel Innov8. It is a technology ecosystem builder and global connector which catalyses and aggregates the start-up community, as well as spearheads new initiatives and provides mentorship and growth opportunities in local and global markets.

BLOCK71 Singapore's incubator and accelerator programmes focus on high impact businesses leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology applications to serve various industries with innovative solutions.

In every instance and location, BLOCK71 embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, collaboration and partnership by optimising the unique experience of each entity, the research capabilities and technologies of the university, and the investment and business acumen of the partners, to support entrepreneurial journeys within the local geography and beyond.

Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions


Location: Azerbaijan

Botbox is an omnichannel growth and communication platform that provides digital conversational services for the banking clients.

Government Agencies

Bpifrance (French Public Investment Bank)

Location: France

Bpifrance helps stimulate French business’ growth by offering loans, providing guarantees and awarding buyer credit and supplier credit to encourage business abroad.

It finances over 80 000 companies and provided over 6000 investment loans and 50000 short term loans in 2018 with a total production of 19 billion euros. Bpifrance is also the innovation agency for entrepreneurs with 1,3 billion euros of innovation soft loans distributed to 6000 companies every year. In addition, Bpifrance is also the French Export Credit agency to boost French exports.

Brain Pool Tech

Location: Singapore

Natural disasters cause some of the most profound losses on earth including death, homelessness, disruption in food, energy, and medical supply chains as well as steep and long-lasting economic damage. Because natural disasters are difficult to predict while at the same time increasing in frequency and severity there are continuing efforts to utilize deep technology to prepare, predict, mitigate, and respond to these events.

Brain Pool Tech provides a platform-as-a-service that integrates high-resolution geo-located digital twins of large spaces, real time tracking and environmental sensors, to prepare, predict and respond to natural disasters and their surrounding industries including insurance, real estate, construction, and renewable energy.

We are an international group of data scientists and entrepreneurs who believe 21st century technology should make life easier and safer.



Location: Singapore

Bridge+ is an extension of CapitaLand business space portfolio, offering flexible workspace solutions that combine modern office necessities with dynamic programming, connecting people through community events and programmes. It is a platform for enterprises, startups, and the doers and makers of the world. Bridge+ provides a flexible co-working environment, shared amenities and a community platform for tribes at each location, supporting development of the communities with its strong network.


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