F-drones Private Limited

Location: Singapore

F-drones is building large scale drones which can autonomously deliver packages to ships and offshore platforms and help save 80% of the costs, time and CO2 emissions in maritime last mile logistics.

Facebook Inc.


Facebook’s products empower more than 3 billion people around the world to share ideas, offer support and make a difference.

Medical Devices Technology


Location: Singapore

FathomX is an AI spin-off company from the National University of Singapore and National University Health System and is the brainchild of Dr Mikael Hartman (Breast Cancer Surgeon at NUH) and Dr Feng Meng Ling (Assistant Professor at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health). Our flagship product, FxMMG, is an AI Assistant that significantly improves the screening procedure for mammograms by reducing the false positive rates by as much as 67% and enhancing the clinical workflow by reducing the time taken to assess a screen as well as the number of radiologists required per screen. Our Copyrighted algorithm was based off over 3 years of research at NUS and we have recently published on the prestigious AAAI Workshop and Jama Open Network Journal. We are also a portfolio company of the MedTech JUMPStart Program.

Fern Software

Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Fern Software is an international SaaS FinTech solutions provider incorporated in 1979 with a global presence with over 300 sites in 40+ countries, 3 million borrowers and regional offices in Amsterdam, Belfast, Singapore, Tiruchirappalli and Toronto with over 100 employees, with 8 regional reseller partners.


We specialise in the development and implementation of core banking systems and

supporting modules to Assets / Fund Management, Credit Unions, Microfinance institutions (MFI), Savings and Loans organisations, SME Lenders, Development Banks, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), Social Mortgages and a variety of grant funding agencies ranging in size from single to 90+ branch organisations with customer bases of 5,000 to 750,000.


Our latest digital banking product - Baytree - is built on the native Salesforce Lightning platform featuring industry leading solutions for lending, portfolio management and customer success with practically limitless third party integrations, automations and artificial intelligence technologies.


Location: France

FieldBox.ai is built from the ground up to disrupt operational excellence in industries. It has been created in 2011 to streamline production data management for the oil & gas industry. The company has operations on five continents. Its portfolio of clients include marine operators, logistics center, utilities network, manufacturing and extracting industries.

FieldBox.ai has its headquarters in France, and an office in Singapore since 2018.

Fluid AI

Location: India

Fluid AI is an Artificial Intelligence firm offering AI analytics based data driven decisioning products as well as customer focused experiences. Fluid AI is incorporated in the USA and India. We have teams across 5 locations including Jamaica, North America, Netherlands, Mauritius and India.

Our clients include Mastercard, Bank of America, Barclays, Royal Bank of Canada, Emirates NBD, Societe Generale, National Commercial Bank, Rolls Royce, Vodafone, Forbes, Johnson & Johnson, Husqvarna, Capgemini, Government of Mauritius, Electricite de France etc.

Revolutionizing the Artificial Intelligence space, the company has been listed by Forrester as the Top Vendor for Deep Learning. Even Gartner recognised the company as a Cool Vendor for Artificial Intelligence. Fluid AI was also telecasted by the BBC World News across 70 countries showcasing our work in the AI space.


Location: Singapore

Fortanix is a data-first multicloud security company. With Fortanix, organisations gain the freedom to accelerate their digital transformation, combine and analyse private data, and deliver secure applications that protect the privacy of the people they serve. Fortanix decouples security from infrastructure – security becomes a property of the data itself. As data is used and moves from one cloud instance to another, from one software stack to another, from one network to another, the security policies travel with the data and keep it secure. Data remains secure on-premises, it remains secure in public cloud and it remains secure everywhere in between. Providing pervasive security that travels with the data means that organizations are no longer constrained by geography, cloud provider, and privacy requirements.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Forty Two Labs Private Ltd

Location: Singapore

Created by former executives and engineers from
Stanford, MIT and Yahoo!, Evie is an AI employee
powered by a next-generation human-AI cognitive
collaboration platform called MetaFlow that combines
natural language processing, autonomous reasoning and
workflow orchestration with a deep understanding of
real-world concepts like time, location and human

Fronka Tech Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Fronka Tech is a NUS spin-off company in collaboration with the NUS GRIP. “Fronka” means “frontier characterization”. We provide advanced characterization solutions for nanomaterial scientists. At Fronka, we believe in the power of technology. We are dedicated for the next world-changing breakthrough, together with you. 

At the moment, we are starting off with a scientific equipment based on a patent-pending technology of real-time monitoring, by performing various measurements on site during the development of nanomaterials.

Advanced Manufacturing


Location: Japan

FUJISEISAKUSHO is an industry-leading manufacturer of pressed bearings and conveyor components
that are essential to automated manufacturing. Founded in 1939 initially to produce lighters and thermos
flasks, Fuji Seisakusho evolved through the decades with its total commitment to continuous product
innovation. Building up its expertise in cutting and shaping metals, it penetrated the pharmaceutical and
automotive industries with high-precision pressed bearings and multidirectional movement wheels that
are sold globally today.


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