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I’m beside you Inc.

Location: Japan

We’re Corona Native Company, just founded this summer. It’s really hard to feel people’s reactions online. So we create a system analyzing people’s reaction by multimodal AI. We analyze facial expressions, face orientation, gaze, and voice. After linking with Zoom just once, our clients get reports every morning. In online tutoring services, we analyze every lesson to check quality of online communication, and report to students' parents. This system can reduce churn-rate and increase new customers by referral. We can predict 84% of churn from movie analytics. We’re a one-and-only multimodal AI service specializing in online communication, having already applied for 13 patents globally. Our sales is raising quite rapidly now. Our team consists of multimodal AI experts and IP specialists. We can visualize every person in the world.


Location: Singapore

IBM is a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. Restlessly reinventing since 1911, we are the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, with more than 350,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries. With Watson, the AI platform for business, powered by data, we are building industry-based solutions to real-world problems. For more than seven decades, IBM Research has defined the future of information technology with more than 3,000 researchers in 12 labs located across six continents. For more than a century IBM has been dedicated to every client's success and to creating innovations that matter for the world. For more information, go to


Location: Singapore

Innovation Cybersecurity Ecosystem at BLOCK71 (ICE71) is the region’s first cybersecurity entrepreneur hub. Based in Singapore, ICE71 is a partnership between Singtel Innov8, the venture capital arm of the Singtel Group, and the National University of Singapore (NUS), through its entrepreneurial arm NUS Enterprise. ICE71 is strengthening the region’s growing cybersecurity ecosystem by attracting and developing competencies and deep technologies to help mitigate the rapidly increasing cybersecurity risks in the region.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Ideatory Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Impress is a Singapore based HR tech company. Its AI-powered platforms allow large enterprises to run their recruitment and HR processes like recruitment, onboarding, promotions, learning and internal mobility autonomously and accurately. We have booked sales of several million dollars from 50+ enterprise clients like DBS, ADB, Singtel, CapitaLand and the Singapore Government since inception, just over 3 years ago. We have a qualified management team with two computer science Ph.Ds., and a full-time staff of 34 in Singapore and India. We have built proprietary AI technology that enables self-service automation of business workflows faster than any competitor. Our platforms are localised to the Asia Pacific and support many Asian languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese.

Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions


Location: Singapore

Established in 2016, IFSC (acronym for Integrated Facilities Services Consulting) Pte Ltd is a technology innovation company providing bleeding-edge urban solutions for the facilities services industry.


We believe in the future of using data to provide continuous insight of how an urban facility can be holistically managed in an efficient, reliable and sustainable way. Technologies used to achieve this include AI, robotics, data analytics, sensors and workforce management, among others.


We provide an open, inclusive and fun environment for passionate individuals and we believe in empowering people and also reward them for hard work.  We provide plenty of opportunities for employees to learn new skills and grow.

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IfU Diagnostic Systems GmbH

Location: Germany

In the year 1999 the IfU Diagnostic Systems GmbH was founded as a developer, producer and distributor of physical measurement devices from the IfU group. In the year 2000 we company moved to Lichtenau nearby Chemnitz. Today, we have about 20 highly qualified employees. 

Our company became a well-established producer for plasma technologies and measuring instruments for several industrial applications, for instance additive manufacturing.

We are specialized in manufacturing of measuring systems for physical applications and process control, especially in the areas of plasma physics, coating, ultra sound and additive manufacturing. We offer the full service for electronic measurement systems and equipment (development and prototyping). In addition, we provide the development and production of appropriate hardware and software. We also can manufacture small series of measuring devices or electronic boards.

Imagine H2O Asia

Location: Singapore

Imagine H2O Asia (IH2O Asia) is a Singapore-based, regional water startup accelerator supported by Enterprise Singapore, SUEZ, ADB Ventures, Kurita, PUB and SWA. As a nonprofit organization, IH2O Asia is increasingly recognized as a neutral convenor and trusted vetting mechanism for innovators in the water sector. IH2O Asia sources water innovations across various thematic challenges, in response to municipal and industrial end-user needs. Since 2019, twenty-two global water startups have benefitted from the accelerator program, and several have gone on to deploy their technologies in Southeast Asia.


Location: Singapore

Infineon Technologies

Location: Singapore


Location: Singapore

FarmTrek is the first platform in the world that brings together the livestock and financial services ecosystem to address financial inclusion for smallholder farmers.

Existing solutions are designed for livestock databases but are not meant to be fraud-proof for end-to-end purpose. As such, livestock asset cannot be formalized as financial asset or be used by financial services. FarmTrek is designed as an end-to-end solution for financial inclusion in the agriculture sector through livestock provenance, asset tokenization and delivery-vs-payment on the blockchain.

FarmTrek is designed to address the underlying problems:
- Identity Fraud.
- Asset Ownership Fraud.
- Data Security Risk.
- Credit Assessment Risk.
- Livestock Insurance Moral Hazard.
- Livestock Tracking and Traceability.
- Cost-Effectiveness.

Infracrowd Asia Pte. Ltd.

Location: Singapore
Education Technology


Location: Singapore

Inknoe is Singapore’s leading education technology startup developing digital classroom solutions. Our products range from smart interactive whiteboards, teaching podiums, wireless presentation systems, as well as interactive teaching and classroom quiz software applications. Our products are being used by teachers from over 50 countries.

5G Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Innovate UK

Location: United Kingdom

Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. Innovate UK works with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy - delivering productivity, new jobs and exports. Our aim at Innovate UK is to keep the UK globally competitive in the race for future prosperity. For further information and to stay updated on our latest news visit, follow us on Twitter at @innovateuk or subscribe to our YouTube channel at

Innovia Materials Co., Ltd

Location: China

Innovia Materials is an MIT alum founded tech company managed under ISO 9001 system. Focusing on high performance piezo materials and ultrasonic transducer acoustic measurement systems, it well serves the Medical Ultrasound, SONAR and Non-destructive Testing industries. Innovia has received Shanghai Science and Technology Award in 2016, and Pudong Innovation Award in 2017. Innovia has been a draft committee member of IEEE Standard on Relaxor Ferroelectric Crystals (IEEE Std 1859TM-2017) since 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Data & Analytics Retail Solutions Robotics


Location: Singapore

InsureVite is a Singapore based Insurtech startup that seeks to become the go-to platform for traditional insurers globally for distribution and servicing automation 

InsureVite Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

InsureVite is a Singapore based Insurtech startup that seeks to become the go-to platform for traditional insurers globally for distribution and servicing automation 



Location: Japan

Integriculture Inc., a cellular agriculture platform company, develops sustainable protein, namely cell-based meat, and offers its production capability and technology to variety of clients wanting to develop products involving cell culture. Cell-based meat carries high hope as the holy grail to sustainable protein, for which $2T market is at stake. However, the production cost has been prohibitively high. Our patented “CulNet System” cultures cells 4~5 orders of magnitude less expensive to enable us to market cell-based meat at competitive prices. The system requires no externally added growth factors or serum, making it cleaner and safer compared to conventional meat, and even products by other cellular agriculture companies. The system in principle cultures any cells and produce anything produced by living things. Its astounding versatility makes it ideal for a general platform for clients wanting to produce food, cosmetics, supplements, functional ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and any other biological and agricultural products.

Interactive Coventry Limited

Location: United Kingdom

Interactive Coventry (IC) specialises in computer vision and predictive analytics. IC delivers driving assist systems, industrial computer vision and smart city applications. IC solutions are based on cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms and IoT technologies. Our solutions improve the performance of currently known deep neural network architectures, and outperform other commercial systems in many application areas such as driving support, urban flood monitoring and forecasting and industrial fault detection. We have also developed unique data anonymization and data annotation techniques to support computer vision operations and ensure GDPR compliance. Our members have a proven track record in delivering innovative R&D and commercial products. IC team has published over 200 scientific papers and is the proud owner of innovative patents centred on the development of deep learning algorithms and IoT.

InterVaal Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

InterVaal is developing UriGuardian™, a line of novel Foley catheters with enhanced capability in preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) - a widespread and life-threatening side-effect of modern health care.

Founded in 2017, InterVaal is the first investment by Trendlines Medical Singapore. Nearing the end of product development, InterVaal is now seeking Series A funding to carry us through 2022 and our first commercialization in the US$ 1.3 billion global foley catheter market.

Invest in Bogota

Location: Colombia
Government Agencies

Invest Northern Ireland

Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Northern Ireland is a world-leading cyber security, data analytics and FinTech hub, with specialist university research centres, an impressive cluster of international companies and indigenous innovative start-ups, delivering solutions globally.


Northern Ireland has accumulated numerous industry accolades and is ranked as the top investment location for US cyber security firms, with Belfast, the leading destination in Europe for new software development projects. Northern Ireland is the world’s top destination for financial technology investment projects.


Northern Ireland attracts global companies due to its exceptionally skilled & resilient workforce, competitive operating costs and its unique position within the UK and Europe.


The Northern Ireland Technology pavilion at SFFxSWITCH is led by the region’s economic development agency Invest Northern Ireland, and will promote the best of our region’s technology and FinTech innovation.


Consumer Products & Services Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

IOT Monks Private Limited

Location: India

We at Smitch envision ourselves being at the center of human device interaction in consumer’s homes. How we plan to get there, is by offering simple to use, affordable devices backed by meaningful interactions and services. Our purpose is to ensure that everyone has the help they need to make the most of their time for the people and things that matter the most.

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IoT Tribe


IoT Tribe accelerates the growth and adoption of disruptive technologies globally. As a trusted partner to corporates, government agencies, investors, startups, SMEs and other ecosystem players across industry verticals worldwide, IoT Tribe brings together communities where tech talent and partnerships can thrive.

We enable corporates and the public sector to disrupt the future by fast-tracking technology adoption and co-creation, data-driven insights, white-label accelerators, support for intrapreneurship and corporate venturing. We achieve this through a unique, highly collaborative and curated technology ecosystem that drives disruption. We also offer our partners unparalleled access to technologies and partnerships that can fuel their businesses, and provide startups access to equity-free accelerators that will help them scale.

Iota Medtech

Location: Singapore

Iota is a healthtech startup based in Singapore. At Iota, we believe that in the near future, the best health and wellness products and services as well as health screening will be accessible and affordable for all in Asia. This is achieved through our digital health and wellness platform Iota Xperience and AI diagnostics Iota AI to enable screening on a mass scale.

Consumers these days are accessing their products and services mainly through their phones. And at Iota, we believe that our platform will be the enabler for health and wellness and screening companies in Southeast Asia and beyond.

IPI Singapore

Location: Singapore

IPI is an innovation catalyst that creates opportunities for enterprises to grow beyond boundaries. As a subsidiary of Enterprise Singapore, IPI accelerates the innovation process of enterprises through access to its global innovation ecosystem and advisory services.

At IPI, enterprises are able to gain access to a wide spectrum of services and solutions that serve the different needs throughout stages of their innovation journeys from ideation, product development to commercialisation. They include:

  • Open Innovation Services
  • Innovation Advisory
  • Innovation Marketplace
  • Network Access
  • Knowledge and Insights

Learn more about what IPI has to offer for the next stage of your business growth. Visit


Location: United Kingdom

We authenticate remote users online for onboarding and verification.

iProov works with ING, Rabobank, The UK Home Office, The US Department of Homeland Security and The Government of Singapore.

Automotive Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

Iradium Automobiles Private Limited (SPARESHUB)

Location: India

SparesHub is a start-up in the car maintenance industry in India. It works to make car repairs easy and fast. SparesHub provides replacement car parts to service centres and mechanics via its e-commerce 

channels with a just-in-time delivery. It is India’s leading provider of automobile parts to car service centres. It has a current base of 400+ B2B customers across India with fulfilment centres in 3 cities in India. 

Health Technology Healthcare Services Medical Devices Technology

IT-MEDicine Ltd.

Location: Hungary

IT-MEDicine Ltd. has been established to develop a new, currently on the market non-existent gynecological diagnostic medical device. Our technology assesses the condition, especially the lack of oxygen of the fetus in a far better way than the currently used devices.

We have received already ~$1M VC fund, but we seek for further co-investors to finalise our clinical trials and to finance our robust market entry.

To accomplish that, we have an exceptional team. Our co-founders are like a symphonic band – together we have all the knowledge to play on every instrument: our expertise covers all aspects of product development – we have a gynecologist; we have a medical doctor who is also an electric engineer, we have an experienced healthcare businessman, plus the CEO, who is a blackbelt project manager.


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