Magloy Tech

Location: Singapore

Magloy Tech is a spin-off from National University of Singapore specializing in the research & development of bioresorbable magnesium implants for orthopaedics and trauma surgery. Currently used osteosynthesis implants for fracture fixation procedures are made of titanium or steel and need to be removed by a revision surgery following healing and often trigger side effects like pain and necrosis. Magloy Tech has developed its first product, OrthoMag, after rigorous R&D with the participation of materials scientists in the field of magnesium alloys and clinical physicians from orthopedic and maxillofacial surgery that can make implant removal surgeries obsolete. Implants made of OrthoMag dissolve over time to leave only natural, healthy bone tissue and can significantly reduce post-surgery complications commonly associated with permanent bone implants. Magloy Tech’s strategy is to partner with industry leading biomedical implant makers to design and develop bioresorbable magnesium implants across orthopedic, neurosurgery and maxillofacial applications.

Green & Urban Solutions Sustainability Solutions Waste Management

Magorium Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

We have a solution to the global plastic waste problem.

By marrying the industries of waste management and construction, we have created an inter industry technology. Our technology converts plastic waste into a new material, replacing current materials for infrastructure purposes.

Following in her grandfather’s construction footsteps and influenced by her father’s passion for innovation, Chu Xian founded Magorium together with Adriel.

Magorium is a culmination of the team’s unique experiences in the sustainable solution and construction industry coupled with their drive to find an effective solution to the global plastic crisis.

Our Mission

Giving your plastic waste a second life

Our Vision

Paving our way to a sustainable future

Material Exchange

Location: Sweden

Material Exchange is a secure B2B digital material management solution that works directly with international footwear and apparel brands to optimize and digitalize material sourcing processes.  The Material Exchange database is a highly secure vault containing approximately 40,000 digital materials from some of the largest material suppliers in the world including, Clarino, Tiong Liong Corp, Kuraray and over 350 more. Material Exchange brand customers include Ariat, Keen, VF, Caleres, Steve Madden, Deckers Brands, Global Brands Group and many more. We are the only digital material management solution endorsed by the FDRA and USFIA. The solution has been developed with the input of leading brands, material suppliers and digital transformation experts. 

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MedaPlus – AI for healthcare

Location: Germany

Respiratory conditions are a leading cause of deaths worldwide and generate a significant burden for public health systems. Early diagnosis and routine monitoring of patients with respiratory conditions are important for timely interventions. However, diagnosing respiratory conditions requires well trained and experienced medical staff. Given time, availability and economic constrains, professional staff is not available at all times and in all geographies.

MedaPlus provides AI-assisted predictive analytics to support physicians, clinical staff, nurses and health care providers to deliver high quality, consistent, and inexpensive respiratory analysis. MedaPlus digitizes the process of lung auscultation by delivering a proprietary stethoscope digitizer, AI driven analytics flagging anomalies in lung sounds and escalating the findings to a specialist. MedaPlus seamlessly integrates into legacy clinical information systems, onboards IoT devices, covers international security and compliance standards and can be rolled out off-premise (cloud) or on-premise.


Medi Sense

Location: Singapore

Medi Sense is dedicated to providing wireless communication and exchange of vital health data.


Using Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) devices and artificial intelligence (A.I.), we provide continuous health monitoring for home users and unlock efficiencies for medical professionals to perform their tasks.


From this integration of IOMT and A.I., Medi Sense is committed to creating a platform that can extend our services to better serve the digital therapeutics ecosystem.


We also pride ourselves in Design and Development, as we work closely with domain experts. Our "soon-to-be launched" innovation in a finger plaster size, user friendly and most affordable Temperature monitoring device is  an industry testament.


The other products and services include A.I. for disease through our collaboration with A.I. experts.


For more info, please visit our website

Medical Devices Technology

MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific

Location: Singapore

Based in Los Angeles, Calif., MedTech Innovator is the largest accelerator of medical device companies in the world and the premier nonprofit startup accelerator in the medical technology industry. Its mission is to improve the lives of patients by accelerating the growth of companies that are transforming the healthcare system. MedTech Innovator matches healthcare industry leaders with innovative early-stage and emerging growth medtech companies for mentorship and support.


Location: Malaysia

Mentari Alam EKO (M) Sdn Bhd, or MAEKO, is the brainchild of three passionate individuals focused on solving one of the biggest problems facing our planet - the Food Waste issue. Every day, HUGE amounts of food scraps (or even full meals!) are being wasted in Malaysia, taking up space in landfills and poisoning our Earth.

Mesh Bio Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Mesh Bio is a digital health startup focused on addressing the growing global clinical burden of metabolic diseases due to aging population, and challenges in care delivery. Mesh Bio develops clinical decision support analytics and automation solutions for management chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease. These solutions enable data driven care delivery, improving patient engagement, and health outcomes.

Mesh Bio is founded by a group of healthcare professionals with deep experience in diagnostics, clinical software, primary care and hospital management. The company was the 1st Asian startup to be selected for the prestigious Startup Creasphere digital health acceleration program by Roche Diagnostics and Plug and Play.

Cyber Security


Location: Singapore

MICROSEC is a technology firm specializing in security-of-things with artificial intelligence that empowers governments and industrial organizations to protect their devices and infrastructures against malicious and unpredictable cyber-attacks.

As a technology firm that builds solutions with Security-by-Design, we partner with OEMs and system integrators to include cybersecurity at the heart of their devices and infrastructure. MICROSEC has worked on several high-impact projects in Southeast Asia and has since secured tens-of-thousands of devices with zero incident since implementation. We work with sectors like automotive, utilities, energy, smart homes, and smart cities, and we are expanding into medical and financial institutions to solve their unique IoT cybersecurity challenges.

MICROSEC brings forth the established PKI infrastructure to the domain of Internet-of-Things and Operational Technology with turnkey features for device security management, which can be managed by MICROSEC’s Security Management Suite with security and full lifecycle management capability to ensure full compliance with global standards such as IEC 62443 and ISO 27001.



mimik has pioneered Hybrid Edge Cloud computing to enable any computing device to act as a cloud server to help application developers unlock the next generation of apps for the hyper-connected world. Developers can accelerate product development by unitizing the mimik platform. The platform includes a run-time engine for developers to handle global functions in the central cloud while moving processing workloads to all kinds of edge devices from smartphones to AI-based sensors. The engine is agnostic to OS, devices, networks, and the cloud. mimik also provides ready to deploy edge microservices for a wide range of industry verticals. With mimik edgeEngine you can launch applications faster while drastically reduce infrastructure cost, minimize latency, and improve security and data privacy. The platform is free to develop and has pay-as-you-grow pricing plans.

Biotechnology Health Technology Materials Science Medical Devices Technology

Miraqules MedSolutions Pvt Ltd

Location: India

Every year 5.8 M people die out of injury & more than 50 million people suffer. The more tragic fact is that half of these deaths occur before reaching definitive care.

We make compounds that stop bleeding in 40 seconds. The powder form makes it flexible to use in any shape, size and severity of the wounds.


I'm a Biomedical Engineer and my friend is a medical doctor, & we two are working full-time. Four people are mentoring us philanthropically.


When probably you could bleed out is 2 to 5 minutes and the average time for first responders to arrive is between 7 to 10 minutes, We believe StopBleed could save you in just 40 seconds.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning


Location: Singapore
Data & Analytics


Location: Russian Federation

MONQ Digital lab is a vendor of the AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) MONQ for instant detection and prevention of IT failures and effective IT infrastructure management. MONQ helps fast-growing companies with a large number of digital services double improve the availability, reduce complaints by 6 times and operating costs by 30%.


The system helps to visualize the state of IT and digital health of a business, identify weaknesses, and automatically manage infrastructure using the collection of Big Data, ML-models, and AI.


MONQ has among the clients leading companies from the banking, public sector, retail, telecom, insurance, services, fuel, and energy complex.

Morpheus Labs

Location: Singapore

Morpheus Labs is a Blockchain-Platform-As-A-Service (BPaaS) provider offering an expansive range of blockchain technologies, development environments and tools to the developer community and enterprises to kickstart blockchain application development in concept to practical implementation rapidly with high cost efficiency.Armed with relevant capabilities, the platform offers a multitude of intuitive solutions that enables developers and enterprises alike to take advantage of its platform to build effective solutions for various use cases.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Automotive Data & Analytics Others


Location: Germany

MotionsCloud helps property & car insurance companies to streamline & automate claims process powered by AI computer vision technologies. MotionsCloud cut claim cycle time to 3 hours instead of 3 weeks, reduce claims processing & claims leakages up to 75%, & improve consumer claims experiences. Currently, we are saving on average 1.5 hours of working time per case, we have saved on average of US$80 per case, & claimant that went through our process have rated us on average 4.5 stars over 5 stars. Today, MotionsCloud is serving clients in the US, Netherlands, Austria, Italy & Southeast Asia. We are looking forward to exploring the insurance/automotive/inspection market in the region.


Location: Singapore

Mursun believes in creating localized circular economies. We focus on developing innovative solutions enabled by technologies to attain sustainability.


Our core is in our gasification technologies that allow us to repurpose waste effectively, efficiently, and cleanly for different applications. 


Mursun is the pioneer who set up the first onsite compact gasification system in Singapore where energy is recovered from waste to generate potable water and cool air.  The residue (biochar) is being used for horticultural purpose. 


Another ongoing project will be part of an exciting integrated vertical farming and energy solution - What comes from the farm, goes back to the farm.


We continue pushing the boundaries in upcoming projects where emission-free electricity generation with inherent carbon capture & storage will soon be operational.


The best is yet to come.

MuSigPro Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

MuSigPro is an online singing competition platform that is powered by our singing quality assessment technology. This platform provides you - whether you are an amateur or an aspiring singer - with a Singing Quotient (SQ) that objectively and automatically measures your singing quality, and provides you meaningful feedback.

MuSigPro is a go-to platform for singing enthusiasts to showcase their talent, and gain popularity. It also provides a cost-effective and easily accessible solution to organise customized singing competitions. MuSigPro is also a creative promotional platform for brands to increase their user engagement and growth.

Music Signal Processing is at the core of MuSigPro. We are a diverse team of technology enthusiasts driven by our love for music and our goal of connecting the world through our cutting-edge music technology products. MuSigPro Pte Ltd was founded in 2019 in Singapore.

mVizn Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

AI deep-learning-based machine vision software solution provider focusing in the areas of safety and operations.


MyCash Online

Location: Singapore

MyCash Online, an award-winning  Fintech, is an e-marketplace designed for migrants globally helping to drive financial inclusion by offering secure and convenient online services to migrant workers in who do not have access to online banking or credit cards.


Headquartered in Singapore with presence in 4 countries, MyCash was founded in 2015 and launched in 2016 has since performed more than 2.5 million transactions. Our innovative solutions won us the runner-up in the MAS Fintech awards in 2019. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we empowered man migrant workers confined in their dormitories to perform remittance. For our engagement and commitment, we were recognised by various government agencies in Singapore.


MyCash continues to pursue and improve our products and services to create a Reliable, Secured and Convenient platforms for our customers.

Consumer Products & Services Digital Factory


Location: Indonesia

MyRobin provides businesses in Indonesia with on-demand, pre-screened blue-collar workers on long and short-term contracts. All the payments are processed via the MyRobin platform and we charge a management fee as a percentage of total labour cost. MyRobin also provides workers with cheap Payday loans, access to subsidised vocational trainings to boost their morale and improve worker retention. MyRobin already has a community of over 1.5 million blue-collar workers, and is serving some of the largest names in Indonesia, like Shipper, Grab and many more.


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