Location: Singapore

R3 is an enterprise software firm that is pioneering digital industry transformation. We deliver purpose-built blockchain technology for all types of businesses in all industries. 

Developed in collaboration with our ecosystem, our enterprise blockchain platform Corda is transforming entire industries by digitalizing the processes and systems that firms rely on to connect and transact with each other. Our blockchain ecosystem is the largest in the world with more than 350 institutions deploying and building on Corda and Corda Enterprise.

To ensure our customers derive the greatest value from their investment, we provide services and support to shorten time-to-market, as well as guidance on implementation, integration and building ecosystems based on a blockchain platform. Learn more at www.r3.com and www.corda.net.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

RADX Pte. Ltd.

Location: Singapore

RADX is a software development and technology services company supporting clients in their digital transformation. Our team of technology specialists are committed to develop meaningful and differentiated solutions to improve business performance. RADX focuses on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions to deliver a highly interactive and engaging experience for conferences, meetings, retails or bazaars and events such as concerts and performances. Customers include electronics manufacturers, healthcare providers, consultancy and design firms, hospitality, food and beverage community

REOMEx Technologies

Location: Singapore

REOMEx Technologies provides online Condition Monitoring (CM) devices for motors which are widely used in various industrial applications. Our vision is to reduce equipment operation and maintenance expenditure thereby provide Return on Investment (ROI) as early as possible.

Agriculture Technology Others

Republic Polytechnic

Location: Singapore

The first educational institution in Singapore to leverage the Problem-based Learning approach for all its diploma programmes, Republic Polytechnic (RP) has seven schools and one academic centre offering 37 full-time diplomas in Applied Science, Engineering, Management and Communication, Hospitality, Infocomm, Sports, Health & Leisure, and Technology for the Arts.

The Office of Technology Development (OTD) is RP’s research and technology transfer office. We promote innovation and capability development (R&D) projects, often in collaboration with industry or Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). We protect our intellectual property (IP) and know-how, and transfer it to local enterprises.

Education Technology

RISE Corporate Innovation Powerhouse

Location: Thailand

RISE is a leading Corporate Innovation Powerhouse based out of Southeast Asia. With the mission to lift up 1 percent of GDP of this region, we work closely with Fortune 500, large family businesses, and government agencies across the region to help set up and scale innovation initiatives from outside and within the organization. We are known for Global Accelerator Program, Intrapreneur University, Venture Building Services, and Corporate Innovation Summit - Asia’s Largest Experiential Conference. We have been creating the global ecosystem for corporate innovation with a network of more than 400 corporations, 2,000 startups, and over 20,000 corporate innovators and partners in 40 countries around the world, contributing to a combined impact of over US$1 billion. For more information about RISE, check out https://riseaccel.com

Riverr Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Riverr is providing a secure and efficient way to verify and monitor health compliance across borders. We create an underlying framework of trust.


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