Location: Netherlands

VIDT Datalink is the ultimate architecture to handle any volume of files, with any level of secure blockchain time-stamping. The ease of integration with the VIDT API combined with limitless compatibility with other business software and optional cloud storage results in an extremely low barrier for adoption.

3D Printing and Fabrication Advanced Manufacturing Automation Equipment Systems

Vanguard Automation

Location: Germany

The company offers automated photonics assembly processes and machines for 3D nano-printing for photonic multi-chip integration and packaging. Our solutions cover the entire range from small-scale prototyping to fully automated industrial production. We build upon an internationally unique technology portfolio and nearly two decades of experience in industrial automation through our partner companies. The core team at Vanguard Automation comprises experts in photonics, material science, high-precision opto-mechanics, and automation engineering.

3D Printing and Fabrication Advanced Automation Automation Equipment Systems

Vanguard Automation

Location: Germany

The company offers automated photonics assembly processes and machines for 3D nano-printing for photonic multi-chip integration and packaging. Our solutions cover the entire range from small-scale prototyping to fully automated industrial production. We build upon an internationally unique technology portfolio and nearly two decades of experience in industrial automation through our partner companies. The core team at Vanguard Automation comprises experts in photonics, material science, high-precision opto-mechanics, and automation engineering.

Health Technology

Vault Dragon

Location: Singapore

Vault Dragon is a 7-year-young health tech startup. The passionate folks at Vault Dragon are driven by the vision to revolutionise healthcare delivery in Asia. Using the latest advances in technology, the company is empowering clinics, healthcare providers and their patients across Asia make the leap to digital health. Backed by funding from several prominent venture capital funds and investors, Vault Dragon's product innovations are set to pioneer the pandemic-led paradigm shift towards digital healthcare.


Location: Singapore

The one-stop data BaaS platform VeChain ToolChain™ is a powerful tool for business owners to quickly integrate the VeChainThor public blockchain into existing business processes.

VeChain ToolChain™ provides effective business templates that have been verified across various industries, including food safety, sustainability, healthcare etc. and offers easy-to-use customizable tools for enterprises to build their exclusive business process easily as “drag and drop”.

With data securely and immutably stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain, companies can increase the efficiency of compliance review, government supervision, logistics and supplier evaluation and more. Companies will also gain access to world leading third-party services through the VeChain global partner network, including DNV GL, PwC and Deloitte, and more, greatly reducing the cost of certification, audit, insurance or supply chain financial services.

Venture, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VIE)

Location: Singapore

Venture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VIE) nurtures technologically grounded innovators and entrepreneurs to serve societal needs.  The key objective of VIE is to enhance a deeper focus on venture building, incubation and entrepreneurship activities. Under VIE, Entrepreneurship Centre provides support and avenues for entrepreneurship related activities that turn ideas into reality.

Investments / VC


Location: Switzerland

VenturePole is a venture investment platform and business intelligence company, on a mission to raise more money for female founders and founders of color.

VenturePole is the official partner of Startupbootcamp's health tech accelerator, HealthInc.

We are pre-selected for the Startupbootcamp China accelerator, the winner of the European Commission investment accelerator InvestHorizon, winner of the Mozilla Builders incubator, winner of the SIX F10 Fintech Accelerator, winner of the Swiss PostFinance Innovation Co-work Award.

We were also a finalist of the United Nations XPrize AI for Good Competition. 

Education Technology


Location: Singapore

VERE360 is an immersive technology educational platform for K-12 schools. We are a teaching tool that helps schools bring experiential learning online in a way that is affordable, scalable and teacher-friendly. On our platform, we have created an extensive library of immersive experiential learning element that teachers can integrate into their existing presentations with just a click of a button.

Cyber Security

Vertical Structure

Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

VSLTD are an independent cyber security advisory company specialising in providing human focused security and penetration testing services for web applications, cloud infrastructure and mobile applications.


Our work involves working with companies, from small to large, to perform penetration & security testing, improving secure coding practices and providing knowledgeable and efficient security consultancy to companies that are keen to drive growth and improve their processes & procedures through the principles of Prepare, Protect, Persist®

Veson Nautical

Location: United States

Veson Nautical is the global market leader in developing, implementing, and supporting the solutions that propel maritime commerce. We deliver the best commercial platform on the market, but we aren’t just a technology company. We are a digital transformation company. Driven by a commitment to continual innovation, a spirit of collaboration, and an unwavering focus on client success, Veson is a trusted partner to our clients as they navigate new possibilities in a digital age.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Data & Analytics Sustainability Solutions


Location: Greece

VesselBot is an advanced technology company with deep shipping expertise, which provides the international maritime industry with digital solutions. We combine millions of data sets and data points with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, to develop off-the-shelf and tailor-made digital solutions that meet the industry’s needs.


Location: Singapore

Viatick is an IoT company focused on active track and trace solutions for persons and assets of interests. Viatick primarily focuses on high compliance needs tracking, and providing a digital ability to actively monitor and audit where persons and assets of importance are, both outdoors and indoors.


Location: Singapore

Pipeline incidents resulting in methane loss are contributors to emissions. With the penultimate goal of automating pipeline surveillance so such incidents are minimized, Vigti offers an AI-based software that functions as an early detection system and classify, quantify and localise anomalies such as leaks, bursts and water ingress, which would otherwise go undetected.

Retail Solutions

Vinculum Ptd Ltd

Location: Singapore

Vinculum is a global software SaaS company enabling omnichannel commerce and supply chain fulfillment for brands. Vinculum’s products help Brands to keep consistent product data across data sources, easily list products to global marketplaces, orchestrate real-time view of inventory in stores, and manage orders, fulfillment and returns seamlessly across channels. Through an uberized network of brand distributors and a connected ecosystem of IOR, custom clearance, and digital marketing partners, Vinculum helps brands to scale globally. Our industry-recognized Vin eRetail WMS is used by many Brands, 3PLs, Marketplaces, and Distributors globally, for both B2B and B2C fulfillment.  

Vision Intelligence Limited

Location: United Kingdom

Today there are 300 million people working in factories while only one in ten automatable tasks is automated. The rest is done by people, accounting for almost 2 out of 3 of all factory operations. Yet we have almost no data on human activity in factory environments. Simultaneously, the last manufacturing generation is leaving for retirement, taking valuable skills with them and leading to a deficit in skilled labour and a drop in productivity.

This changes with Vision Intelligence.

Overview: Vision Intelligence is a start-up provider of advanced video analytics in manufacturing. Our technology consists of purpose-build edge-AI camera and sensor systems onto which industrial users can use our video analytics through a suite of advanced applications served through an easy-to-use portal.

VisionLabs B.V

Location: Singapore
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Visitech LLC



An industrial-grade integrated work safety and labour management software provider, focusing on heavy industrial clients with large workforces and hazardous production facilities.

Visitech provides intelligent modular system ISSOW (Integrated safe system of work) that automates business processes for labour protection, industrial and environmental safety by using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to manage and reduce industrial accidents.


Health Technology

Vitruvian Medical Diagnostics (Singapore) PTE. LTD

Location: Singapore

We at Vitruvian Medical Diagnostics are committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent access to healthcare across Emerging Markets

Several issues prevent effective healthcare service delivery, including high costs, shortage of trained personnel, analogue processes and remote locations. 

Our Mission is to provide universal access to digital pathology by coupling affordable hardware with a diagnostic assistance platform powered by Ai.

To this end, we are looking for strategic partnerships with laboratories to help us further refine our technology and to deliver it to where it is most needed.

VividQ Limited

Location: United Kingdom

VividQ is a deep tech company with world-leading expertise in computer-generated holography. Our software and IP powers the next-generation of augmented reality (AR) wearables, head-up displays (HUD) and consumer electronics.


Holography has long been considered the pinnacle of display, providing the highest level of realism and accuracy. In displays using computer-generated holography (CGH), digital content is integrated seamlessly into the real world. CGH allows for intuitive interaction with virtual objects and eliminates the visual fatigue prevalent in today’s AR and 3D devices.


VividQ solutions for CGH are used by international technology companies (OEMs/ODMs), creating the most realistic and immersive experiences. Our ecosystem of partners brings together all the essential elements required to make holographic display a mass-market technology.

5G Advanced Sensors Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Cloud Computing Data & Analytics Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

Vizzio Technologies Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

VIZZIO develops a novel reality capture tools for 3D mapping, reality
modelling (Object, Space, City), object tracking and classification. We built
an ultra-fast hardware/software platform that allows users to easily scan
and accurately digitise object, physical spaces in 3D, with the same
resolution as industrial laser scanners, but at a fraction of the cost. By
pushing the boundaries every single day, in everything we do, we bring to
life visualisations of everything from apartments, UN-BUILT architecture &
infrastructure, AS-BUILT environment to master planned cities, delivering
satin-smooth animations & interactive virtual experiences. These digital
worlds coupled with data provide actionable information vital for
understanding, planning and execution. During operation, our positioning,
guiding and visualisation solutions empower users to work efficiency and

Vortec Group

Location: Singapore

Vortec Group pioneered a Ventilator and Augmented Displacement Ventilation System (ADV®) system to create a bladeless ceiling fan that is energy efficient, cooling and helps reduce societal dependence on air-conditioning which contributes substantially to our carbon footprint.

They are now developing an Intelligent Energy Storage System (i-ESS) that aims to revolutionise how power and energy can be managed in the future. Utilising dynamic power electronics control, i-ESS overcomes the drawbacks associated with conventional ESS solutions - replacing deteriorated cells will now be a straightforward task and end-of-life batteries get a second lease of life.

Vortec’s reimagination of the energy storage system supports the global shift to alternative energy solutions for a low-carbon future.

Clean Technology Others Sustainability Solutions

Vortec Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Vortec Pte Ltd is a start-up specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of energy sustainability products and solutions. Its current flagship product is the energy efficient bladeless ceiling fan that mimics the natural tornado can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments. The innovative Augmented Displacement Ventilation (ADV®) system can save up to 50% of energy consumption compared with existing air-conditioning system. Coupled with IOT and AI solution, this provides a more sustainable cooling solution for the tropics while enhancing comfort.


Location: Singapore

Vortexa tracks more than $1.8 trillion of waterborne energy flows around the world - in real time. Vortexa’s intuitive platform provides leading energy trading and shipping companies with the most complete global data picture to empower them to identify and seize opportunities before others.

The web-based platform shares highly detailed oil & gas products flows, produced by hard data, machine learning and state-of-the-art technology with oversight from in-house global industry experts providing real-world context to continually train and improve the models.

Founded by Fabio Kuhn, former Head of Trading Technology and Analytics at BP, who serves as CEO, and Etienne Amic, former Head of European Energy at JP Morgan and Mercuria, who acts as Chairman, they have offices in London, Singapore, Houston and New York.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Vouch SG Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Vouch is an award-winning technology company, recognised by the Singapore Tourism Board, that specialises in innovative digital solutions catering to the hospitality industry.

Our vision is to provide our clients the freedom to focus on the things that matter, by helping them automate services to enhance guest experience and improve operational efficiency.

To that end, Vouch is proud to count among its clients some of the top hospitality brands like Hyatt, IHG, Frasers and Pan Pacific Hotel Group. Besides hotels, Vouch has launched a line of interactive mobile guides for Singapore’s arts attractions and museums.

Vouch is headquartered in Singapore, with branches in Indonesia and South Korea.


VRcollab Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Invested by Rekanext, SGInnovate, Entrepreneur First and HTC VIVE, VRcollab is a Singapore based Construction Technology startup aiming to ease the Virtual Design Construction (VDC) workflow of Architect, Engineer, and Construction (AEC) professionals; regardless of the project phase, stakeholding and Building Information Modeling (BIM) skills. VRcollab is also involved in several projects, grants and tenders such as Changi Airport Terminal 5 together with DP Architects and Automated Rule Scanning Robots for BCA.

Vulcan AI Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Vulcan-AI builds safety and productivity solutions using Artificial Intelligence and an eco-system of wearables and sensors which help Enterprises do more with less, while ensuring safety and compliance.


Location: Canada

We develop end-to-end 3D solutions using 3 key technologies for reconstruction, recognition, and analysis. VyoO's proprietary patented 3D technology enables any user to identify physical objects from a simple smartphone video using a 3D CAD database as reference.

This technology is applicable in many fields including Healthcare (Orthopedic), Supply Chain & Maintenance (Inventory Tracking, NDT Maintenance, and 3D Printing Object Validation), and Retail (identifying retail goods).
All we need is a smartphone and a regular video from it. By making humans more knowledgeable, we equip the next generation with the tools they need to fix the world we live in.


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