Cyber Security



Zecurion is a world-class vendor of IT security solutions helping companies to protect against insider threats.


Operating for almost two decades, Zecurion has earned the trust of more than 10.000 corporate customers, partnered with more than 150 business partners worldwide and by the year 2020 is present in more than 70 countries.


The company product portfolio offers a wide choice of solutions upon customer needs.

Zerowaste Asia Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

ZA is an environmental doctor curing environmental cancers. We solve environmental problems for governments and industries by providing one-stop solutions. Built on a solid foundation of research and technological competencies, we in ZA develop, integrate, and implement cutting-edge technologies to solve waste problems for clients from all sectors.  

Our solutions cover industrial wastes and wastewater treatment, contaminated soil remediation, marine clay/sediment treatment, waste-to-resource, and environmental impact assessment. Our service models include project contracting, reagents & equipment supply, and consultancy.

Medical Devices Technology


Location: Singapore

ZIG Medtech Asia (ZMA) is an integrated platform for healthcare innovations. Headquartered in Singapore, we aim to become the leading company in medical technology innovations in the Asia Pacific region. We leverage on our extensive regional commercialisation network in Asia Pacific to drive market adoption and accelerate growth.


Our mission is to bring innovative healthcare products to the Asia Pacific region and beyond. ZMA will serve as a launch pad, assisting with pre-market activities, regulatory approvals, setting up sales network in targeted markets and providing aftersales support. Companies only have to plug into ZMA through one of the business collaboration models available that fit their needs and purpose.



As a so called Staked Seed Node operator on Zilliqa, Zillacracy provides a service to the Zilliqa network and is subsequently able to reinvest the staking commissions it receives back into the Zilliqa community.

Zilliqa Research Pte. Ltd

Location: Singapore

Zilliqa is a high-performance, high-security blockchain platform that aims to make decentralised blockchains the building block of future enterprises and applications. Developed through academic research and helmed by a team of experienced scientists, engineers, venture creators and leaders in the financial services, Zilliqa addresses limitations in scalability and security, enabling real-world usability across a variety of industries, including finance, digital advertising, and gaming. In 2019, Zilliqa became the first public blockchain platform to be built on sharded architecture, with smart contracts written in the platform’s secure-by-design programming language, Scilla. For more information, visit:

Digital Factory



Zyfra develops AI, IIoT-based solutions and robotic mining equipment for heavy industry. Our key fields are machinery, mining, metals, oil&gas and chemical sector.

At Zyfra, we believe that the operational challenges we face today can be addressed most efficiently through digital transformation of industry using IIoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence approaches. By now Zyfra operates in Finland, Russia, India, France, Germany, Turkey, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Morocco.

Modern production is a joint work of people and machinery. CNC machines, industrial cars, drilling rigs, rectification columns — all these complex and expensive machinery, equipment and systems have already become our indispensable helpers. The human task is to effectively manage them, and it is possible only on the base of timely and accurate data. As direct participants in production processes industrial machines can tell us more about production, fairly and objectively.

Advanced Automation

ZygoFix Ltd

Location: Israel

ZygoFix has developed a miniature screw-less implant for spinal
fusion surgery, providing the least invasive, simplest fusion option
and replacing complex screw stabilization.
The company was founded by Prof. Yizhar Floman and Uri Arnin,
experienced spine entrepreneurs that have recently exited their
other company, ApiFix.
Our zLOCK implant replaces external screw fixation with smart
internal anchoring, resulting in a much less invasive procedure,
suitable for an outpatient setting.
zLOCK's technology is suitable for several spinal fusion procedures,
creating a global market opportunity of $2b.
The zLOCK system is in clinical phase with over 2 years follow-up
and great clinical results.


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