mVizn Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

AI deep-learning-based machine vision software solution provider focusing in the areas of safety and operations.


MyCash Online

Location: Singapore

MyCash Online, an award-winning  Fintech, is an e-marketplace designed for migrants globally helping to drive financial inclusion by offering secure and convenient online services to migrant workers in who do not have access to online banking or credit cards.


Headquartered in Singapore with presence in 4 countries, MyCash was founded in 2015 and launched in 2016 has since performed more than 2.5 million transactions. Our innovative solutions won us the runner-up in the MAS Fintech awards in 2019. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we empowered man migrant workers confined in their dormitories to perform remittance. For our engagement and commitment, we were recognised by various government agencies in Singapore.


MyCash continues to pursue and improve our products and services to create a Reliable, Secured and Convenient platforms for our customers.

Consumer Products & Services Digital Factory


Location: Indonesia

MyRobin provides businesses in Indonesia with on-demand, pre-screened blue-collar workers on long and short-term contracts. All the payments are processed via the MyRobin platform and we charge a management fee as a percentage of total labour cost. MyRobin also provides workers with cheap Payday loans, access to subsidised vocational trainings to boost their morale and improve worker retention. MyRobin already has a community of over 1.5 million blue-collar workers, and is serving some of the largest names in Indonesia, like Shipper, Grab and many more.

Diagnostics Health Technology Healthcare Services

Nalagenetics PTE LTD

Location: Singapore

Nalagenetics is committed to provide the highest quality personalised care for patients. We believe that patients shouldn’t be at risk of going through negative side effects from repeating trial and error of medication. Through understanding the patient’s genetic makeup supported with real world data, we provide end to end personalised care for you and your doctor.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Health Technology Healthcare Services Medical Devices Technology

Naluri Hidup

Location: Malaysia

Naluri is a human-driven, AI-augmented digital chronic disease management program that delivers quantifiable health outcomes and helps healthcare payors save on avoidable healthcare costs.

Biotechnology Consumer Products & Services Food Manufacturing Food Technology

NamZ Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

NamZ is a Singapore-based bio-science innovation incubator that aims to create nutritious and sustainably-produced foods through the incorporation of underutilised, nutrient-rich and climate-resilient crops (Future Fit Crops) in its products. It does this by developing novel food technologies that process Future Fit Crops into convenience foods without compromising the natural flavours, colours and nutrients of these crops.

These proprietary technologies have enabled NamZ to introduce a portfolio of food products – such as instant noodles, soups and shakes – to the market. Besides selling these products to B2B partners, NamZ has also developed its own B2C brand called WhatIF Foods. The brand features a selection of healthier and more sustainable foods with a diverse range of natural flavours and colours.

Nanomaterial for Energy and Water Management

Location: Singapore


Location: Singapore

Nanoveu changes the way people engage with their smartphones and tablets through highly immersive & ultra-functional mobile screen protector technology.

Nanoveu is a technology company grounded in deep science. 

Nanoveu's flagship product Nanoshield™ provides antiviral and anti-bacterial protection in the form of a clear plastic film that can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as on digital screens, mobile phones and other frequently touched surfaces such as doors, door handles, lift buttons and so on.

Nanoveu has also developed and launched its EyeFly3D™ product and is developing two other products called EyeFyx and Customskins™.

Nanyang Technological University – NTUitive Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

NTUitive Pte Ltd (“NTUitive”) is Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Innovation and Enterprise Company. NTUitive manages the University’s intellectual property, promotes innovation, supports entrepreneurship and facilitates the commercialization of research. We help entrepreneurially inclined faculty members and students take their technologies and ideas to market through new business creation. NTUitive also provides start-ups with access to early-stage funding, market development, entrepreneurship education, networking, mentoring support and start-up facilities. NTUitive is located within the Innovation Centre at the University, a mix of work and social space to incubate and nurture start-ups. It is the place to be for like-minded individuals to work, network, share experiences and create alliances to enhance their value proposition.

National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center


The National Technology Transfer Eastern Center is a national-level regional technology transfer platform jointly promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, directed by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and coordinated by the Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center. It was inaugurated on April 23, 2015 by Wan Gang, then Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and Minister of Science and Technology, and Zhou Bo, then Vice Mayor of Shanghai.

It is committed to providing a full chain of services including technology transaction, technology finance and industry incubation, and to building a fourth-party platform with platform, internationalization, marketization, capitalization and specialization, so as to create an innovation ecological system for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and help Shanghai build a "scientific and innovative center with global influence". 

National Health Innovation Centre Singapore

Location: Singapore

National Health Innovation Centre Singapore (NHIC) coordinates and supports commercialisation activities of Singapore's clinical community. NHIC aims to drive impactful health and economic outcomes for Singapore by catalysing innovation and enterprise endeavours in the healthcare research community. NHIC does this by providing Singapore's publicly-funded research sector with translational funding to accelerate health innovation for improved healthcare – both locally and globally. In addition to translational funding, NHIC provides multi-dimensional assistance, to connect the key players in Singapore's clinical and research community, as well as support clinicians and researchers translate their early-stage innovations into new therapies and products that improve quality of life. ln this manner, NHIC helps Singapore to meet the healthcare challenges of tomorrow, as well as to become a leading hub for health innovation and enterprise in the region.

National University Health System

Location: Singapore

The National University Health System (NUHS) is one of three public healthcare clusters in Singapore, and an integrated Academic Health System and Regional Health System that delivers value-driven, innovative and sustainable healthcare in Singapore.  

We leverage our unique position as an Academic Health System to tap on the wealth of resources residing within the National University of Singapore (NUS). Through collaborations with NUS faculties, we are able to draw upon their academic, research and creative capabilities to develop solutions for existing and emerging health and healthcare needs.

As a Regional Health System, we work in close collaboration with community hospitals, general practitioners, family medicine clinics, nursing homes and other community partners to provide integrated care to the community.

With member institutions under one Academic Health System, NUHS creates synergies as a fully integrated cluster to provide seamless care, develop solutions for Singapore's healthcare challenges and nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals.

3D Printing and Fabrication Advanced Automation Food Services Food Technology Health Technology Healthcare Services Sustainability Solutions

Natural Machines

Location: Spain

Natural Machines are creating a new generation IoT kitchen appliance, a 3D food printer. We call it Foodini. It’s the world’s first 3D food printer making savory and sweet foods, using fresh, real ingredients. Fundamentally, Foodini contributes to a healthy eating lifestyle by helping people make fresh meals and snacks.


Foodini will revolutionize every kitchen, outpacing the functionality of the last kitchen revolution: the microwave. We have created a new type of kitchen appliance that will enable anyone to incorporate 3D printing technologies to simplify and conveniently prepare fresher, exceptional delicious foods. We believe in contributing to a healthy eating lifestyle. Users are never forced to buy pre-filled food capsules. Foodini ships with empty stainless steel food capsules, and users can print with fresh, real ingredients, having total freedom and control over foods printed and in what form.

Nazaki Group

Location: Maldives

NAZAKI GROUP is a household brand in the Maldives with over 30 years experience in a wide variety of areas including, transportation, construction, aluminium fabrication, investment management and hospitality. Explore and understand the story of NAZAKI Group, it's startup, its rise, it's constant challenges to growth, contribution to society, and its success as a self made brand in multiple business industries.

Medical Devices Technology

NDR Medical Technology Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

NDR Medical is a Singapore-based company that specialises in the development of surgical robotics driven by Artificial Intelligence and image processing. NDR’s flagship product is an image-guided automated robotic system that assists surgeons in needle guidance during minimally invasive surgery such as tumour biopsy and ablation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Data & Analytics Retail Solutions


Location: Singapore

We help enterprises optimize negotiations with long tail vendors and customers by continually learning from and automating all steps in negotiations. Our core IP is licensed from A-Star's High Performing Laboratories and we are bringing a revolutionary approach for companies to manage their customer and supplier negotiations with far greater automation, transparency, knowedge capture and win-win outcomes for our clients and their partners. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Data & Analytics Retail Solutions


Location: Singapore

We help enterprises optimize negotiations with long tail vendors and customers by continually learning from and automating all steps in negotiations. Our core IP is licensed from A-Star's High Performing Laboratories and we are bringing a revolutionary approach for companies to manage their customer and supplier negotiations with far greater automation, transparency, knowedge capture and win-win outcomes for our clients and their partners. 

Health Technology

Nervotec Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Nervotec is a digital health and AI company based in Singapore, born from the founding teams’ global experience and motivation to bring accessible healthcare to any individual around the world. The technology pillars of the company are its two proprietary HealthTech solutions, namely remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), and an AI predictive algorithm. Nervotec recently launched the Awareness Platform, an integration of these two technologies, serving to provide a health assessment solution in the new normal. The company, a recipient of Enterprise Singapore’s Enterprise development grant has clinched many awards since its inception. Nervotec emerged as the top voted start up (first place) in the Singapore Airlines App Challenge 2020 and clinched the finalist position in both the National Innovation Challenges for port workers and construction workers organized by IMDA and Enterprise Singapore.

Advanced Sensors Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Data & Analytics Digital Factory Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

NeuronSW SE - Neuron soundware

Location: Czech Republic

Neuron soundware reshapes machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance, enabling customers to operate more efficiently and sustainably. The company’s powerful AI recognizes sound patterns in real-time and provides unparalleled insight into how mechanical systems operate. Edge computing allows offline data processing and a safe, fast and efficient analysis of large data sets. Neuron soundware’s technology works in a wide variety of use cases, accelerates asset digitization, improves quality management processes and provides early warning of potential failures.
Founded in Prague, Czech Republic, the company employs more than 30 people, operates across Europe, Asia and North America and works on projects for market leaders such as Airbus, BMW, Siemens, E.ON, MOL, Daimler, Volkswagen and Bosch.



Neurotrend is an international marketing research company that specializes in Neuromarketing applications and qualitative studies. We focus on addressing our partners’ and clients’ business needs by studying consumers’ subconscious perception and behaviour.


Our Neuromarketing technology collects and analyses neurophysiological data by measuring electrodermal activity, bioelectrical activity of the brain, changes in heart and breathing rates, as well as eye movements and facial expressions to understand consumers’ perception towards communication materials. Numerous studies allowed us to identify and generate our own neuromarketing metrics such as attention, interest, attractiveness, emotional engagement, memory retention, cognitive load and more. With our research capabilities, we are dedicated to help businesses gain in-depth consumer insights to help companies make better marketing decisions. We believe that the better you know your customers, their attitudes and trends, the more you succeed in the fast paced and ever-changing environment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Automotive Data & Analytics Smart Mobility

NextBillion AI

Location: Singapore

NextBillion AI believes centralized mapping technology is a thing of the past. One map doesn't fit all. Every customer, use case, geography is different, and at Nextbillion AI we build custom mapping APIs for enterprises in a way that’s never been done before. Decentralized, modular, custom map stack for hyperlocal business.

We provide enterprises with location tools and APIs that help them adopt an AI-first approach while solving all their map-related business issues. We power complex mapping applications within last-mile delivery, telematics, food delivery, ride-hail.  Our solution is customizable to be hyper-local and pinpoint accurate for difficult to solve enterprise use cases.

Healthcare Services

NextInnovation Inc.

Location: Japan

NextInnovation is a healthtech startup founded in Osaka, Japan in 2016. The board of directors consist of medical, legal and IT professionals which include pharmacists, doctors and dentists. We are backed by renowned venture capital funds of the country. We are specialized in women's reproductive health. As a tech company we are striving to provide the utmost user experience. However, no matter how much efforts we put in, we acknowledge that technologies alone do not necessarily solve the issues. More often than not, a real impact may not be achieved without changing the status quo.
Breaking the norms through communication we envision the world where women can live in good physical and mental health and achieve their full potentials.


Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Location: Singapore

Ngee Ann Polytechnic started in 1963 and is today one of Singapore’s leading institutions of higher learning with over 14,000 enrolled students in close to 40 full-time courses. It seeks to develop students with a passion for learning, values for life, and competencies to thrive in a global workplace. The polytechnic also supports Continuing Education and Training (CET) through its CET Academy, which offers a wide range of part-time programmes. In today's rapidly changing global economy, Ngee Ann is helping adult learners to acquire new skills, keep pace with new trends and stay agile.

Advanced Automation Advanced Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Health Technology Medical Devices Technology

Nonspec, Inc

Location: United States

Nonspec is revolutionizing the prosthetic industry by manufacturing high quality, high activity-level, customized lower-limb prosthetics for amputees. The Nonspec prosthetic system address the top challenges hospitals face: time, training, and cost. Our device takes the time to fit an amputee from a dozen appointments to two and does not require a trained clinician to fit an amputee. This allows hospitals to fit more patients with a higher satisfaction each week, improving their reputation and revenue. By leveraging material, manufacturing, and engineering expertise, Nonspec delivers a prosthetic limb that exceeds global quality standards, at a tenth the cost.

Noodle Factory

Location: Singapore

As instant as a cup of noodles - Noodle Factory is an intelligent AI-powered chat platform that enables schools and business to automate personalised mentoring and tutoring, answer FAQs, administrative tasks - all with the click of a button. 

Government Agencies

NTUC Learning Hub

Location: Singapore

NTUC LearningHub is the leading Continuing Education and Training provider in Singapore which aims to transform the lifelong employability of working people. Since our corporatisation in 2004, we have been working employers and individual learners to provide learning solutions in areas such as Cybersecurity, Infocomm Technology, Healthcare, Employability & Literacy, Business Excellence, Workplace Safety & Health, Security, Human Resources and Foreign Worker Training. To date, NTUC LearningHub has helped over 21,000 organisations and achieved over 2.5 million training places across more than 500 courses with a pool of over 400 certified trainers.

As a Total Learning Solutions provider to organisations, we also forge partnerships and offer a wide range of relevant end-to-end training solutions and work constantly to improve our training quality and delivery. In 2020, we have accelerated our foray into online learning with our Virtual Live Classes and, through working with best-in-class partners such as IBM, DuPont Sustainable Solutions and GO1, asynchronous online courses.

Others Investment Game

Location: Singapore

Are you a startup or an investor? Join us to win up to S$1,000 cash!

The Investment Game is a simulation of the fundraising/ investment processes in the real world; and it is designed by NTUitive, the Innovation & Enterprise Company of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


There are two roles – the ‘Investors’ (real Venture Capitalists, Business Angels or wannabes), and ‘Investees’ (startups or teams).


The aim of ‘Investors’ is to generate the highest portfolio valuation at the end of the game. Every Investor is given $1M of “play money” to start with.


The aim of ‘Investees’ is to deliver concise, powerful and persuasive pitches under time pressure to convince Investors to invest in their business and be the team with the highest valuation (end-game final share price x total no. of shares sold) at the end of the game.

3D Printing and Fabrication

NUS Centre for Additive Manufacturing (AM.NUS)

Location: Singapore

The NUS Centre for Additive Manufacturing (AM.NUS) leverages the University’s world-class faculties, expertise and advanced capabilities in 3D printing technology. NUS seeks to bring innovative products to the field of healthcare that will improve patient outcomes and change lives for the better. AM.NUS will explore a whole new dimension in medicine, applying ground-breaking 3D printing technology for personalized patient treatments. 

AM.NUS is the only multi-disciplinary IHL AM centre in Singapore which comprises of the 5 Faculties (Medicine, Science, Engineering, Dentistry and Design & Environment). The Centre is supported both internally by NUS and externally by National Additive Manufacturing Cluster (NAMIC) and Singapore Economic Development Board.

NUS Enterprise

Location: Singapore

NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of the National University of Singapore (NUS), plays a pivotal role in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship at NUS and beyond. It actively promotes entrepreneurship and cultivates global mind-sets and talents through the synergies of experiential entrepreneurial education, active industry partnerships, holistic entrepreneurship support and catalytic entrepreneurship outreach. Its initiatives and global connections support a range of entrepreneurial journeys and foster ecosystem building in new markets. These initiatives augment and complement the University’s academic programmes and act as a unique bridge to industry well beyond Singapore’s shores


NUS Enterprise @ Singapore Science Park

Location: Singapore

NUS [email protected] Science Park is a partnership between NUS Enterprise and Capitaland to cultivate and aggregate a vibrant tech ecosystem and community towards disruptive innovations. We connect corporates to the talents, research capabilities, and technologies of the National University of Singapore. At the same time, we have a role in incubating growth stage start-ups and supporting their journeys through our resources and added facilities of a Demo Deck and Dry Lab, which allows for prototyping and product development.

5G Advanced Automation Advanced Sensors Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Automation Equipment Systems Cloud Computing Data & Analytics Government Agencies Others Robotics Sustainability Solutions

NUS Enterprise Market Immersion Programme

Location: Singapore

The NUS Enterprise Market Immersion programme is an intense, customised programme designed to catalyse opportunities and help accelerate your entry into Singapore's market. In this programme, you will be connected with potential partners within the ecosystem – corporates, investors, and mentors – to validate and explore go-to-market strategies suitable to the Singapore market.

The 8-week programme follows a specially curated curriculum designed to provide dedicated feedback and mentorship to you. Each week will focus on a topic relevant to your startup – market validation, market entry, sales pitching, investments – to further develop and boost your market entry with the guidance of mentors and corporate partners from distinguished organisations.

Education Technology

NUS Graduate Research Innovation Programme (GRIP)

Location: Singapore

Transforming NUS technologies and talents into investible, scalable deep-tech start-ups


Launched in October 2018, the National University of Singapore Graduate Research Innovation Programme (NUS GRIP) is the Industry Liaison Office’s flagship innovation programme. It provides step-by-step guidance to NUS postgraduate students and researchers to cultivate deep tech entrepreneurs, to transform the university’s world-class research into their own deep tech start-ups.

Teams will undergo a one-year journey to be equipped with entrepreneurial skills and experience through workshops, mentorships, industry linkages and incubation support, to develop commercially viable and investible deep tech start-ups, generating a pipeline of up to 250 teams in five years. NUS will invest up to S$100,000 in start-ups demonstrating high commercial potential to accelerate their growth.

NUS Industry Liaison Office, MVP Studio

Location: Singapore

The MVP Studio by NUS Industry Liaison Office was established to create commercially-focused prototypes of NUS technologies.

Our prototypes are built by teams of apprentices under the guidance of MVP Engineers, who are highly experienced engineers with years of industry experience. Following MVP Studio methodology, much thought is put into designing these prototypes and building them efficiently and quickly. This enables us to demonstrate the use of NUS technologies in specific applications. The MVP Engineers and apprentices apply their varied skills, creativity and know-how to the prototypes so that our researchers and start-ups can more effectively seek feedback from the market and iterate their products quickly.

The MVP Studio is an easy-to-access meet-up point where start-ups, SMEs and MNCs can visit to find out how their businesses can benefit from NUS technologies. Coupled with NUS’s diverse reach in the entrepreneurial community as well as collaborations with government agencies such as BCA and EnterpriseSG, we are able to connect researchers and technologies to industry partners.


Location: United States

NVIDIA’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI — the next era of computing — with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world.

Ocean Purpose Project

Location: Singapore

The Ocean Purpose Project is a social enterprise that seeks to end the plastic pollution crisis and promote a sustainable future.

Their solution is a pyrolysis machine unit that converts waste plastic to low sulphur fuel. It can be deployed over land and sea to any remote community facing ocean plastic pollution.

Ocean Purpose Project also conducts online and offline behaviour change projects such as beach clean ups, coral replanting, sustainability webinars and learning journeys with schools and corporates.  They are also devising a new single use bioplastic made of seaweed/seashells.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Data & Analytics Environment IT Systems Recycling Sustainability Solutions Waste Management


Location: Indonesia

Octopus is a circular economy platform that currently manages waste collection in Makassar, Denpasar, Badung & Gianyar.  We provide data for brands/FMCG producers to track and collect their waste while giving incentives to local waste stakeholders.

Octopus8 Private Limited

Location: Singapore
Medical Devices Technology

Ocular Labs

Location: Singapore

Ocular Labs™️ was born out of a need to make eye care accessible and affordable for all. Whilst working at an ophthalmology clinic, the co-founders realised that the problem of late diagnosis of eye diseases is not confined to just their clinic - it is a global issue with serious and lasting implications on patients. Leveraging on the team’s technical expertise and clinical experience, they set out to develop products to make eye care more accessible. 

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers

Ohanae Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Ohmz Engineering Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Ohmz Engineering Pte Ltd is turn-key contracting company formed in Singapore.  Our main activity is to provide one-stop solution centre for client who wanted to venture into mission critical and infra-structural developments in Asia.   

Setting up mission critical developments, like data centres and control centres in Asia requires to navigate many challenges, like local financing limitation, local authorities approvals and local practices.  Our efforts to assist our clients starts from the beginning of the project till the development is completed and handed over to the clients’ operations team; that is from financing, defining development design goals and objectives, feasibility studies, land procurement, planning, budgeting, project management, conceptual and detail designs, authorities’ submission,  construction management, utilities connections, testing and commissioning, handing over processes and accreditations.  

Clean Technology

Olive Giken Co., Ltd.

Location: Japan

Olive Giken was founded Nov. 2016 as a venture company that succeeded in the research and development of antioxidants based on unique aqueous calcium ion solution , wishing to improve the health and happiness of our consumers. 

Our acceleration of growth has started in 2019, Sep. we have been selected in “Startup Initial Program OSAKA”. 2019, Oct. Nikkei newspaper picked up our company as a unique senior venture. Jan. 2020, we have succeeded to get fund via a stock investment type crowdfunding.

Our strength lies in our creativity and research & development founded on a wealth of experience. From here we aim to develop products further derived from the patents we have acquired, and continue passionately striving ahead into the future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Ombre: AI Fashion Stylist

Location: Malaysia

Ombre is making fashion personal by introducing a shopping experience that is time-saving, exclusive and well-curated to all body physique. As the first of its kind, we use AI and Machine Learning to create a full-scale, fashion styling software for retailers. It takes into consideration the physical attributes of shoppers and suggests clothes that would look best on them. Through Ombre, we not only want to support retailers in generating immediate revenue, we also believe in creating long-term value. Through AI and data analytics, Ombre helps retailers to create sustainable, long term strategies. Our idea offers a chance for fashion retailers to personalise their offerings and appeal directly to the tastes of each individual consumer. 


Location: Singapore
Consumer Products & Services


Location: United States

Optinvent is a world leader in AR display technologies and HMD (head mounted display) devices.  Optinvent holds 32 granted international patents and commercializes the award winning “ORA-2” AR smart glasses and the disruptive “Clear-Vu” AR display technology.  Optinvent provides smart devices that enable hands free and head up access to augmented reality and contextual information for professionals in the logistics, remote maintenance, remote training, and medical fields. Optinvent is also working with major Aerospace and Defense OEM’s to integrate its Clear-Vu technology into next generation pilot’s and infantry head mounted displays.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality


Location: France

Optinvent is a French company specializing in display optics for augmented reality and is at the forefront of the AR revolution.  Its proprietary technology, protected by 32 international patents and secret know-how, will enable the next paradigm shift to AR smart glasses.  Optinvent’s disruptive display technology is lighter, cheaper, safer, and more comfortable vs. the competition as a result of over 10 years of research and development.

Cloud Computing Cyber Security


Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Options is a global leader in financial technology managed services and IT infrastructure products. We enable our clients to deliver a dual mandate: operating world-class financial technology infrastructure today, while supporting business scalability and new technology for tomorrow.

Over 200 firms leverage the Options platform, including the leading global investment banks, hedge funds, funds of funds, proprietary trading firms, private equity houses and exchanges.

Options’ client presence spans over 20 countries with seven offices covering these regions. We have a global team and infrastructure, allowing customers with global operations to work with one single vendor. The feature-rich global platform, built to exacting investment bank standards, is further bolstered by industry-leading transparency around pricing, a 24×7, support model and unrivalled account management.

Options’ products include:

– Managed Platform

– Managed Colocation

– Managed Applications

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers

Orama Asia

Location: Singapore
Health Technology

Orbit Health

Location: Germany

Orbit is committed to enabling effective early intervention and personalized care for chronic diseases. 

The Company's first solution "Neptune" is a device-agnostic AI solution that enables the personalization of Parkinson’s Disease treatment for each Parkinson's patient. 

Using just a smartwatch, doctors can see how patients respond to every medication being taken, at any time they want, to effectively personalize treatment regime for each of their patients to maximize symptom control.

Neptune sits on a smart back-end that enables the integration of other digital and home-monitoring solutions, as well as the collaboration of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals to form a holistic care team around a single chronic disease patient.


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