2019 List of ExhibitorsExhibition opens from 10am to 6pm

Artificial Intelligence Communication Equipment & Technology Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 4M17 Location: Singapore

Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd

Booth No: 5J07 Location: Singapore

The world is full of issues to be challenged. Science and technology can solve those. Leave a Nest is working on Knowledge Manufacturing to develop science and technology and to implement the power of them to our society. We aim to realize a better future together with various educational institutions, researchers and companies that share the same philosophy.

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Communication Equipment & Technology Services & Digital Economy

Legatics Limited

Booth No: 4L11 Location: United Kingdom

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Services & Digital Economy

Limestone Network

Booth No: 5H11 Location: Singapore

Urban Solutions & Sustainability Water Technology


Location: Singapore

Liquinex is a Singapore Start-up company specializing in environmental engineering and technology for the treatment and recycling of industrial and municipal wastewater. In particular, Liquinex specializes in compact systems using ceramic membrane and propreitary membrane cleaning regime with a Registered registered Patent patent for industrial Cooling Tower/Chilld chilled water Treatment System

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Booth No: 5D05 Location: Australia

LiXiA is revolutionising infrastructure by developing low-cost, low-energy, wireless-based sensors for installation on critical infrastructure like structures, utilities and light poles. Our sensors collect data, process it with cloud-based artificial intelligence, and alert you with key details.

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