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AR / VR Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Consumer Products & Services Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy Smart Mobility Urban Solutions & Sustainability Wearables

MAD Gaze

Booth No: 5ZF3 Location: Hong Kong SAR China

Automotive Consumer Products & Services Disposal and Recycling Green & Urban Solutions Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy Smart Mobility Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Magment GmbH

Booth No: 5ZF1 Location: Germany

Clean Technology Green & Urban Solutions Retail Solutions Services & Digital Economy Smart Mobility Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability Waste Management

Magway Ltd

Booth No: 5ZE16 Location: United Kingdom

“Magway” is a sustainable zero-emissions solution for transporting goods through pipelines.  Magway addresses increased parcel deliveries, from the rapid growth in e-commerce and the impact of HGV’s and LGVs on the environment and an inadequate road infrastructure. Other applications include movement of goods into and around airports and large campuses and warehouses. 

As well as participating in Singapore Slingshot, Magway was a finalist in Heathrow’s innovation competition, and Winner of New Civil Engineer “Visionary Airport” award.  Magway has significant impact in improving air quality, congestion, road safety and security and reliability of deliveries as well as reducing road maintenance and distribution costs. 

Combining a novel application of tried and tested technology and our own patented intellectual property, Magway has the potential to revolutionise e-commerce and airport logistics.  

Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Marine Innovation

Booth No: 5ZE14 Location: South Korea


Booth No: 5ZB05 Location: Turkey

Medipic is a device for epidural anesthesia and easy way to find epidural space. We have established the Medipic as two engineer partners. The idea comes from Kıvanç's father. He is an anesthesiologists and he observe this problem

Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Medical Technology

Meracle Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5ZE12 Location: Singapore

Meracle Pte Ltd aims to harness digital technology to optimise asthma therapy. We developed the Whizz Spacer to improve the management of asthma by increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data to augment the assessment of treatment outcomes. The founding team brings together over 50 years of experience in medical device development and commercialisation. Driven by our first hand experience of love ones diagnosed with asthma, we understand the frustration of frequent exacerbation and emergency room visits despite regular follow ups and increasing medication dosage. Thus, the inspiration emerged to bring this innovation to patients and address respiratory diseases. The patent pending Whizz Spacer is currently undergoing clinical trials and will be market ready pending regulatory approval.

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Millenning Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5L01 Location: Singapore

Millenning is licensed by MAS as a Financial Institution for Remittance. We offer a user-friendly online platform which is both web-based and mobile-responsive for customers to make cross-border payments at cheap rates in a fast and secured manner. Say goodbye to expensive Bank FX rates and fees!

MindSigns Health

Booth No: 5K05 Location: Singapore

Consumer Products & Services Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 5E08 Location: United Kingdom

Minesoft offers an array of products for the patent information industry, specialising in patent searching, IP document retrieval, patent analytics and competitive intelligence systems. Minesoft was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2009 and again in 2015 for its impressive, sustained growth in International Trade. A testament to the company’s ongoing innovation and work to meet the needs of its fast-growing global client base through an international customer support network, tailored training and a range of essential resources.

Minesoft solutions are developed by patent experts in-house to help harness the power of patent data across the IP lifecycle.

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Advanced Automation Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Agriculture Technology Automation Equipment Systems Data & Analytics Precision Engineering Robotics Services & Digital Economy Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia

Booth No: 4L01 Location: Armenia

Artificial Intelligence Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy

Mobius Solutions Ltd (Optimove)

Booth No: 4L17 Location: Israel

Recycling Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Molyworks Materials

Booth No: 5ZE10 Location: Singapore


Booth No: 5ZE8 Location: Singapore


Booth No: 5ZD4 Location: Singapore


Booth No: 5K17 Location: Singapore

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