2019 List of ExhibitorsExhibition opens from 10am to 6pm

Advanced Automation Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Artificial Intelligence Clean Technology Cloud Computing Data & Analytics Green & Urban Solutions Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability Waste Management Water Technology

Pani Energy

Booth No: 5ZE7 Location: Singapore

Diagnostics Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Healthcare Services Medical Technology

Pedra Technology

Booth No: 5ZE5 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Data & Analytics Retail Solutions Services & Digital Economy

Perx Technologies

Booth No: 5ZE3 Location: Singapore

Philippine Department of Trade and Industry

Location: Philippines

Biotechnology Food Technology Health & Biomedical Sciences Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Booth No: 5ZE1 Location: Israel

Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing Diagnostics Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Healthcare Services Medical Technology Services & Digital Economy

PIXEL Display Inc.

Booth No: 5ZD16 Location: South Korea

Plover Tech Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5ZD14 Location: Singapore

Agriculture Technology Artificial Intelligence Services & Digital Economy Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Polybee Pte. Ltd.

Location: Singapore

Polybee's mission is to build autonomous solutions and contribute to increasing productivity in agriculture. Pollination has immense repercussions on the global economy as nearly a third of it depends on the process. Polybee has noticed an anolamy; there are sectors in agriculture where either the only way to pollinate is by hand, or natural pollinators just do not make the cut. With their core expertise in aerial robotics and computer vision, the team is building scalable autonomous solutions for industries like seed comapnies, indoor vertical farms, and high-tech greenhouses.

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Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Diagnostics Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Healthcare Services Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy Wearables


Location: South Korea

An integrated technology platform company that provides functional posture products with baked in digital analytics for the retail, e-sports, and insurance markets. Posture360 seeks to create an ecosystem of connectivity between beautifully designed posture products that promotes optimal posture while sensor technology provides meaningful big data to end users. Posture360 is fast becoming a world leader where eventually allowing other devices to talk with its ecosystem and make posture and lifestyle one of the same.

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Poultry & Aquaculture Gene Tech

Booth No: 5D05 Location: Australia

Farms are susceptible to disease outbreak with limited control measures other than containment, culling and decontamination.  The threat of disease for and its effect on farming operations and the industry is ever-present with outbreaks leading to the devastation of livelihoods and economic losses into the billions of dollars. We focus on using precision breeding technologies for disease resilience, growth and novel production traits such as reduced allergenicity or specific protein expression.

Our technology and capability which focuses on precision breeding and genomics have applications in the farmed poultry and aquaculture industries for areas such as:

  • Disease resilience.
  • Novel traits eg. allergen-free eggs or crustacean.
  • Faster, more consistent growth rates.

Novel protein production for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry eg. eggs as a bioreactor or specific protein expression

PPB Technology

Booth No: 5D05 Location: Australia

The CYBERTONGUE® Technology is a revolutionary approach for detecting and measuring trace chemicals.  It offers laboratory quality results, on site, in minutes.

On-the-spot testing with CYBERTONGUE® can solve customer pains in the food, agriculture, environment and other industrial sectors.  CYBERTONGUE Technology also has specific applications in point-of-care health diagnostics.

CYBERTONGUE technology was developed by CSIRO Australia. It uses biosensors (molecular machines) in a microfluidic flow format. The technology is protected by six patent families.

Advanced Sensors Artificial Intelligence Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Cloud Computing Cybersecurity Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 4L17 Location: Israel

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