2019 List of ExhibitorsExhibition opens from 10am to 6pm

3D Printing & Fabrication Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Agriculture Technology Artificial Intelligence Food Technology Green & Urban Solutions Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Materials Science Services & Digital Economy Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Republic Polytechnic

Booth No: 5M01A Location: Singapore

Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Automation Equipment Systems Biotechnology Health & Biomedical Sciences

REVIVO Biosystems

Booth No: 5ZC4 Location: Singapore

REVIVO Biosystems is an organ-on-chip company that helps cosmetic and pharmaceutical research labs screening chemicals, ingredients, formulations and therapeutics in a more reliable and efficient in vitro way, without using animals.
REVIVO Biosystems is developing and commercialising microfluidic platforms that provide a unique microenvironment and mimic the function of the blood flow to offer the most realistic human tissue models, for improving the realitbility of preclinical studies and automate the testing procedures to save up to ten times in manpower and biomaterials.
REVIVO's technology can be used with tissue explants and with 3D cell cultures and has been awarded the IQ Consortium and AAALAC International 2018 Global 3Rs Award.

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Automotive Clean Technology Services & Digital Economy Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Rovilus, Inc.

Booth No: 5ZD2 Location: Taiwan

Rovilus is a VC-backed company that develops innovative thermal management technology for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

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Artificial Intelligence Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 5E01 Location: Singapore


Booth No: 5E01 Location: Slovakia

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