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    Internship Experience


Being a part of SFF x SWITCH means an internship experience like no other!

You get to work behind the scenes exclusively and be part of the world’s largest Innovation Festival. Plus earn #braggingrights.


You are based in Singapore between July to November 2020 and available for an exciting part-time internship.

You are an undergraduate from a university or postgraduate looking for a job. Foreign students on University student exchange programmes in Singapore are welcome to apply. No formal job experience is needed.

Importantly, you are passionate to learn more and/or develop a career in the startup and innovation scene.


Depending on the duration of commitment and interest, interns will be placed in one of six streams of specialty roles available. All roles involve responsibilities in the lead-up to and during the event.
*Internship roles may change depending on the format of the event.

Specialty Options







In a nutshell…

Put simply, you run the show. As leaders of our SFF x SWITCH internship programme, you orchestrate all internship efforts to ensure the success of SFF x SWITCH 2020.

We will elect 6 team leaders who will each own a stream, take it up a notch and manage fellow interns under the stream.

You will also support the delivery of online Q&A/sessions with key speakers in the lead up to the event.


As the face of SFF x SWITCH, you will serve as a key liaison for our VIP speakers - your golden opportunity to connect with leaders from global banks & tech companies!

You will look after their needs, support their SFF x SWITCH preparations through briefs, research etc, and shadow them.

Imagine being able to connect with Eduardo Saverin, Bill Winters and Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod!

You are more than willing to go the extra mile for speakers.

You will be assigned specific sessions and speakers to look after in the lead-up to SFF x SWITCH, support their session preparations, and shadow them.

Hey, make an impression, and they might become your future boss.

P.S. Past speakers include Tan Min-Liang and Piyush Gupta.

You are comfortable on-stage and are ready to interview our inspirational speakers!

Plus, you’re willing to roll up your sleeves to do anything to make this stage a buzzing success.

Entrepreneurs, unicorn founders, inventors of breakthrough technologies have landed on our stages. So get ready to fire away!

You run our conference stages & closed-door roundtables.

From ensuring an impeccable AV and event app experience to general event management functions, this is your opportunity to hone event management skills from rehearsals to delivery.

The show is yours.

As FinTech knowledge is gold, we will count on you to represent us at SFF x SWITCH.

You may be capturing soundbites for live social media, contributing to content reports we generate, or driving activities at our exhibition booths.

If this sounds like your game, come up the ante with us.

Your key skills are:

Strong management skills

Knowledge/ expertise in FinTech/Startup/Innovation

Interpersonal skills

Knowledge/ expertise in FinTech/Startup/Innovation

Interpersonal skills

Knowledge/ expertise in FinTech/Startup/Innovation

Strong verbal communication skills

Knowledge/ expertise in FinTech/Startup/Innovation

Attention to detail

Strong communication skills

Strong written communication skills

Knowledge/ expertise in FinTech/Startup/Innovation

Internship Period

July to November 2020 (~5 months)

September to November 2020 (~3 months)

September toNovember 2020 (~3 months)

October to November 2020 (~2 months)

October to November 2020 (~2 months)

October to November 2020 (~2 months)

Application period

Closes 31 July 2020

Closes 31 July 2020

Closes 31 July 2020

Closes 31 July 2020

Closes 31 July 2020

Closes 31 July 2020

Number of interns we are seeking








  • Complimentary access to SFF x SWITCH 2020 on 9-13 Nov
  • A certificate for your involvement
  • #Braggingrights on your priceless work experience for SFF x SWITCH 2020
  • Invaluable connections to speakers = your opportunity to convert this into potential work exposure
  • A reference if you impress us
  • Commitment for the entire duration of the specified internship period (differs by stream). On average, this could entail 1-2 full days of training, 4 event days (including a rehearsal day), and up to 5 to 10 hours of work per week.
  • In the lead-up to the event, you will most likely work from home. Interns will require their own laptop and internet connection. Depending on your stream, you may require your laptop to perform your event duties for SFF x SWITCH 2020.
  • Attendance at briefing sessions and regular online discussions specific to your work stream (your chance to meet fellow Interns!). And finally, be part of SFF x SWITCH!

A burning desire to learn more about Startup and Innovation, and willingness to roll up your sleeves to learn from the best!


  • 01 Simply complete the application form via the APPLY NOW button
  • 02 You may be contacted for more information and potential interviews. Look out for our emails!
  • 03 You will be notified of the status of your application via email.
  • 04 If you have been selected, you will need to provide confirmation of your acceptance of the internship.
  • Refer to the above application deadlines under the respective streams.

Frequently Asked Questions

what you need to know before applying
I’m not sure if I qualify…

You need to be an undergraduate from a university or postgraduate looking for a job, and based in Singapore. Foreign students on University-administered student exchange programmes based in Singapore are welcome to apply. Please note that the SFF x SWITCH Internship Programme is an internship programme for individuals. We do not consider applications from companies or organisations.

I’m not a finance or business graduate, do I qualify?

Definitely! We welcome undergraduates from from many disciplines, including engineering, science, social sciences, and of course, business. More importantly, you should have the entrepreneurial flame in you, and feel that startups and innovation are your calling!

When does application close?

As applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis for a limited number of places, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Application closes on 31 July 2020 SGT 11pm.

What is the application process?

You can apply on our website, via any of the “APPLY NOW” buttons that will take you directly to the application form. Application responses via email will not be considered.

Can I select my preferred stream?

While we ask for your preferences, preferred streams are not guaranteed. There is a field in the application form allowing you to indicate up to 3 preferred stream(s). Please note that streams will be assigned by the SFF x SWITCH committee at our discretion, based on duration of commitment, availability of slots and matching interests where possible. Tip: there is a field in the form where you can impress us with your ideas – this is your opportunity to convince us to pick you for your desired stream!

How many SFF x SWITCH interns are you looking for?

Target numbers for each internship stream can be found under AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITIES. To ensure the best quality and programme outcomes, the selection process is based on a variety of factors including duration of commitment, interest, fit and availability of roles.

How will I know if I am selected?

All applicants will receive an email notification of the status of your application.

A preview of some application questions?

You will not be able to save responses and return to it. All fields will need to be completed to submit your application. Here is a preview of some of the free text questions to help you prepare responses to ensure you have all the responses ready to submit the application.

Preview questions:
Tell us why you are suited for the stream(s) of your choice.
Who inspires you from the world of FinTech/Startups/Innovation?

Is an internship stipend provided?

Just a nominal allowance, but we promise this is an experience money cannot buy! Select expenses incurred in relation to the event such as meals and transportation allowance are covered.

I am a student on an exchange programme, can I apply?

You may apply if your exchange programme allows you to participate in this internship, and you hold a valid student pass that permits you to work in Singapore. Find out more.

I have more questions…

Email us at info@switchsg.org.


Stay in the know with the latest happenings at SWITCH!


SWITCH 2020 will continue to take place as planned from 9 – 13 November 2020 in Singapore. The organising committee is closely monitoring the situation arising from COVID-19 outbreak and will keep the public informed of any updates. More details here.