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AR / VR Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Advanced Sensors Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing Consumer Products & Services Data & Analytics Digital Factory Food Technology Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Retail Solutions Services & Digital Economy Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Booth No: 5ZA10 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 5H28 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Clean Technology Data & Analytics Green & Urban Solutions Services & Digital Economy Smart Energy Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Location: Singapore

BeeBryte is leveraging artificial intelligence to getcommercial  buildings and factories to consume electricity in a smarter, more efficient and cheaper way while reducing their carbon footprint!

Our software-as-a-service is minimizing utility bills with automatic control of HVACs and/or batteries. We even take into account any solar energy to maximize self-consumption.

Based on weather forecast, occupancy/usage and energy price signals, BeeBryte maintains processes & temperature within an operating range set by the customer and generates up to 40% savings. We charge a monthly fee (% of savings).

Our strategic investor is the largest French renewable energy producer CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône). BeeBryte is also supported by Bpifrance and ADEME. Founded in 2015 by two serial entrepreneurs, BeeBryte is based in France & Singapore with a team of 25 professionals.

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Clean Technology Green & Urban Solutions Smart Energy Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability

BeON Energy (Bemicro Lda)

Location: Portugal

BeON Energy is on a mission to make solar energy available to everyone everywhere. Founded in 2015, we are based in Portugal with offices in Netherlands and China.

Bia Technology Medical Devices

Booth No: 5ZB09 Location: Turkey

Since establishment, Bia Technology has worked hard to develop unique products. The company started with the idea of the Spinal Decompression Robot idea and has become one of the leader firms in the medical technology sector with high-technology products with the support of the government.  

Advanced Automation Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Artificial Intelligence Robotics Services & Digital Economy Smart Mobility Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Location: Singapore

Perfectly labelled visual datasets for any scenario. We help AI teams build better models through synthetic data. Generate photorealistic environments for your AI needs.

Artificial Intelligence Automotive Data & Analytics Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy

Big Idea Ventures

Booth No: 5F08 Location: Singapore

Consumer Products & Services Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 5M07 Location: Singapore

Biotechnology Food Technology Health & Biomedical Sciences Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Biopsin Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

Every year one in 10 people fall ill because of foodborne diseases. The economic burden of microbial contamination across industries is well over a hundred billion dollars. F&B industries are using a century old method to detect pathogens. This conventional method of pathogen detection requires a dedicated lab and takes 5-10 days to get the results. This delay in microbial detection leads to hold-up of inventories, product recalls, disease outbreaks and loss of human lives.

At BIOPSIN, we empower industries to detect pathogens almost in real-time. In addition, our device can detect multiple pathogens in a single test with the same gold standard sensitivity as the conventional lab tests. It is also cost-effective, portable and user-friendly. BIOPSIN is fundamentally changing the way microbial detection is performed today.

Diagnostics Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Medical Technology

Bioscan Research Private Ltd.

Location: India

Bioscan Research Pvt. Ltd. Is leveraging deep tech in optics, electronics, mechanics and software to develop, test, manufacture and commercialise affordable medical devices for early detection of life-threatening diseases (like brain hemorrhage), non-invasively.

Agriculture Technology Biotechnology Food Technology Health & Biomedical Sciences Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Biteback Biotechnology Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5ZH15 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Cybersecurity Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 4L17 Location: Israel

Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Data & Analytics Digital Factory Services & Digital Economy

Block Aero Technologies

Booth No: 5ZH13 Location: Singapore

Advanced Sensors Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing Data & Analytics Investments / VC Services & Digital Economy

Blue Fire AI

Booth No: 5ZH11 Location: Singapore

Health & Biomedical Sciences Healthcare Services

BlueSmart Technology Corporation

Booth No: 5ZH9 Location: Singapore

Advanced Automation Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Automotive Digital Factory Materials Science Services & Digital Economy Smart Mobility Urban Solutions & Sustainability

BMW Asia Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5H11 Location: Singapore

Bold Health

Booth No: 5ZH7 Location: United Kingdom

Diagnostics Health & Biomedical Sciences Medical Technology

Breathonix Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5ZH5 Location: Singapore

Brightcodes Technologies Ltd

Booth No: 4L17 Location: Israel


Booth No: 4M17 Location: Singapore

Smart Mobility Urban Solutions & Sustainability

BusMap Company Limited

Booth No: 5ZH3 Location: Vietnam

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