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Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Clean Technology Disposal and Recycling Green & Urban Solutions Recycling Smart Energy Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability Waste Management Water Technology


Booth No: 5ZF10 Location: Singapore

H2C is a NUS Deep Tech start-up supported by NUS GRIP program. We incorporated in Singapore in April 2019. We have tested our technology at the lab scale and now developing bigger scale prototype. We are looking to develop partnerships to commercialise this technology as soon as posible and to expand in other regions.

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H3 Dynamics Holdings Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5ZF8 Location: Singapore

Advanced Automation Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Artificial Intelligence Robotics Services & Digital Economy

Hand Plus Robotics

Booth No: 5ZF6 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy

Handshakes By DC Frontiers Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5H28 Location: Singapore

3D Printing & Fabrication Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Biotechnology Diagnostics Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Healthcare Services Medical Technology

Hanyang Univ. Consortium

Booth No: 5L05 Location: South Korea

Agriculture Technology Clean Technology Food Technology Green & Urban Solutions Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Hargol FoodTech

Booth No: 5ZF4 Location: Israel

Communication Equipment & Technology Services & Digital Economy Smart Mobility Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Haulio Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5H28 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy

Hearti Lab Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5ZF2 Location: Singapore

Clean Technology Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Location: India

Historical Challenges For Efficient Solar Splitting Of Water & Carbon-Dioxide To Produce Solar Fuels Have Been Documented By Scientists Perusing Solar Thermal Pathways Like Thermo-Chemical Cycles, High Temperature Electrolysis & Thermolysis.

Engineers Have Been Challenged To Provide Solar Temperatures Above 1500 Degrees C. In A Controlled Environment Along With Methods For Transfer Of Stock To Be Heated In Such Controlled Environment.

We've Been Working To Overcome The Above Challenges For Close To 4 Years Now. We've Invested, Patented And Prototyped A High Temperature Solar Concentrator For Such Use! We're Providing Temperatures Above 2000 Degrees C, In A Controlled Environment. We Have Also Provided For Customizable Mass Transfer Through Such Temperatures. Such Temperatures And Conveying Of Mass Was Considered 'Impractical' In A Commercial Solar Apparatus. Until 2017!

We Endeavour To Empower Avant-Garde Industry & Academia For The Coming Future of Solar Fuels

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Biotechnology Health & Biomedical Sciences

Himuka AM Pharma Corp.

Location: Japan


Booth No: 5K02 Location: Hong Kong SAR China

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is consistently at the cutting-edge of science and highly reputed for its commitment to the humanities and arts. HKBU has launched our Strategic Plan 2018-28 and is now embarking on a developmental journey with a refreshed vision. Our goal is to become a leading liberal arts university in Asia, delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative and global culture. In the coming decade, the University will be investing resources heavily in three research clusters: Creative Media/Practice, Health and Drug Discovery, and Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. A comprehensive action plan including the Talent100 initiative has been launched to foster world-class interdisciplinary research that impacts public thinking and policy making.

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Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Cloud Computing Consumer Products & Services Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy

Hydra X

Booth No: 5ZA06 Location: Singapore

Hydra X provides end-to-end tech solutions for trading firms, brokers, exchanges and commodity companies to digitalise their trading and operational workflows, and to deploy electronic marketplaces for the trading of traditional, new and emerging asset classes.

Our cloud-based enterprise solutions enable turnkey deployments of marketplace solutions covering the entire trading transaction value chain, including:
- Front end trading solutions;
- Middle and back office functions such as risk and margin management;
- Trading engines;
- Pricing databases; and
- Post-trade clearing and settlement

Each of our solutions are modular and interoperable, allowing our clients to implement electronic marketplaces that are tailored to their evolving commercial needs.

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Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Agriculture Technology Consumer Products & Services Green & Urban Solutions Materials Science Services & Digital Economy Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability Waste Management Water Technology


Booth No: 5F07 Location: Singapore

Hydroemission is a Singapore headquartered materials science firm, specializing in the development and manufacture of controlled release technology applied to the environment. Through collaborative partnerships, Hydroemission has pioneered several novel controlled release products for use in agriculture, pest control, oil & gas production, bioremediation, water treatment, air care and home care.

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Artificial Intelligence Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy

Hyper Anna

Booth No: 5H28 Location: Singapore

Communication Equipment & Technology Consumer Products & Services Retail Solutions Services & Digital Economy

HyperJar Ltd

Booth No: 4L11 Location: United Kingdom


Booth No: 5D05 Location: Australia

Hyprfire's Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solutions is a world first in automated detection and mitigation.

Hyprfire's malware solutions offer a revolutionary approach to threat hunting and alerting.

Hyprfire's solutions comprise advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence and can be deployed in a cloud or on-premise configuration.

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