2019 List of ExhibitorsExhibition opens from 10am to 6pm

Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Clean Technology Consumer Products & Services Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Services & Digital Economy Urban Solutions & Sustainability Wearables

ible Technology Inc

Booth No: 5ZF15 Location: Taiwan

IBM Singapore Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5K17 Location: Singapore

Cybersecurity Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy

Illinois at Singapore Pte Ltd (Advanced Digital Sciences Center)

Booth No: 5K01 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Clean Technology Data & Analytics Green & Urban Solutions Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Recycling Services & Digital Economy Smart Energy Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability Water Technology


Booth No: 5F11 Location: Singapore

Imagine H2O Asia is a Singapore-based accelerator program that equips water technology entrepreneurs with the resources to develop and scale their businesses across Southeast Asia and the wider region. Since 2009, Imagine H2O’s accelerator activities have transformed over 100 water technology startups into scalable businesses. In 2017 and 2018, Imagine H2O startups globally accounted for nearly 30% of early-stage investment in the water sector. 

In partnership with Enterprise Singapore, SUEZ and Moya Asia, Imagine H2O Asia’s inaugural cohort in 2019 features eight startups from Canada, USA, Singapore, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. From smart flood control for cities to real-time heavy metal detection in sewer systems, Imagine H2O Asia startups represent a diverse range of innovative solutions to the region’s pressing water resource challenges.  

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Consumer Products & Services Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Services & Digital Economy

Imagine Lbs

Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Government Agencies Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 5ZF13 Location: Singapore

Communication Equipment & Technology Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 4L11 Location: United Kingdom

Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Data & Analytics Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy

Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

Booth No: 5H28 Location: Singapore

Disposal and Recycling Green & Urban Solutions Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Location: South Korea

Innerbottle® is an innovative packaging solution provider based in Korea. With in-depth research with top-tier engineers, Innerbottle® introduces solutions to solve residual waste and recycling obstacles. When considering that content in pump dispenser leaves more than 20% residue, We Apply an elastic silicone balloon-shape cell that expands as content is filled and shrinks as content is used, leaving less than 1% residue. Our solution allows zero product waste, maximizing user satisfaction. With patented technology, Innerbottle® ensures absolute barrier and sustainable packaging solution including recyclable packaging materials. Innerbottle® is a B2B business thus we work with cosmetic brands and manufacturers. By cosmetic brands and manufacturers choosing Innerbottle®, consumers will experience a safe and perfect use of contents maximizing satisfaction and our brand partners get an innovative Green Earth packaging solution.

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Artificial Intelligence Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Data & Analytics Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy

Innovate UK

Booth No: 4L11 Location: United Kingdom

3D Printing & Fabrication AR / VR Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Agriculture Technology Automation Equipment Systems Communication Equipment & Technology Consumer Products & Services Data & Analytics Education Technology Environment IT Systems Food Technology Government Agencies Green & Urban Solutions Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Retail Solutions Robotics Services & Digital Economy Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Booth No: 5M12 Location: Singapore

Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in Singapore, as a post-secondary institution, provides graduates with good job and career advancement opportunities, as well as opportunities to go further education and training.

Our Technology Development Centres are one-stop resources for companies to engage in developing innovative ideas and to engage in projects in technology development and application towards creating business solutions and products.

We offer technology consulting and advice, proof-of-concept, development and testing of downstream technology platforms. Our projects focus on advanced manufacturing and engineering, health and biomedical sciences, services and digital economy, and urban solutions and sustainability.

Artificial Intelligence Data & Analytics Services & Digital Economy


Booth No: 5ZF9 Location: Singapore

AI tool to predict emotional engagement of written content and also give smart word-level recommendations to help brands build a strong connect with customers.

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Communication Equipment & Technology Services & Digital Economy

InsurTechnix Limited

Booth No: 4L11 Location: United Kingdom

Agriculture Technology Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Intello Labs Pte Ltd

Booth No: 5ZF7 Location: Singapore

Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Advanced Sensors Food Technology Government Agencies Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Investments / VC Robotics Services & Digital Economy Urban Solutions & Sustainability Wearables

IP Bridge, Inc.

Booth No: 5H22 Location: Japan

Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Food Services Precision Engineering Services & Digital Economy

IP Tech Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

IP Tech was registered in Singapore in April 2016. Now the company has 5 employees (two with Doctorate degrees, one with Master and two with Bachelor degrees), with a rich array of experiences in precision engineering, gas separation technology and international trade and market. The company exclusively owns two international patents, which cover China, United States, the European Union, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.
Currently, IP Tech is partially funded by ENterprise Singapore, has a formal technical cooperation agreement with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and a commercial partner in China's Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd.
Our vision is to be a global research, application, marketing and licensing centre for on-site gas separation and utilization; and to promote Singapore as a global research and development hub in on-site gas application.

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Booth No: 5F26 Location: Singapore

IPOS International is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), housing over 100 IP experts in areas such as IP strategy and management, patent search and analysis, and IP education and training. We work closely with public and private enterprises across the world to support them through their innovation journey.

As the expertise and enterprise engagement arm of IPOS, our focus is on helping enterprises and industries use IP and intangible assets for business growth. Through our expertise, partnerships, and networks in the innovation ecosystem worldwide, we bridge possibilities for intangible asset-rich enterprises and industries seeking to grow.

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