2019 List of Exhibitors

Cloud Computing Services & Digital Economy


Location: Singapore

Tart Labs, a software services company focused on building products and solutions for Enterprises which are needed for the 21st century. Tart Labs being a global technology and innovation company, we connect entrepreneurs and enterprises to their dream products with the help of our reliable development team. At Tart Labs, we consider technology is an art and bring in the experts will help you build a masterpiece. Thus we named ourselves to spread the motive (T)echnology as an (ART).

Tart Labs helps your team to build a successful product from a vision to a robust product. Tart Labs specializes in web, mobile, hardware, and IoT app developments. We use the best in class tech that your app needs and demands.

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Food Technology Government Agencies Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Services & Digital Economy Smart Energy Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Location: Singapore

Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Artificial Intelligence Biotechnology Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Cloud Computing Communication Equipment & Technology Consumer Products & Services Data & Analytics Education Technology Health & Biomedical Sciences Health Technology Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Materials Science Medical Technology Robotics Services & Digital Economy Smart Energy Smart Mobility Sustainability Solutions Urban Solutions & Sustainability Waste Management


Location: Hong Kong SAR China

The Technology Transfer Center (TTC) at HKUST serves as a bridge between HKUST research community and the business sector, identifying collaboration opportunities in the local, regional and international markets based on HKUST's research strengths. TTC monitors primary and emerging fields of research within HKUST for early recognition of commercialization potential; manages intellectual properties arising from HKUST research works; supports faculty and students in their endeavors to pursue university-industry collaboration, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization.

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